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Статья на английском языке. "A review"

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A review of the TV series Outlander

"Outlander" is the miracle of the US and UK collaboration. The series was shot on the basis of a series of novels of Diana Gabaldon. Well, what to say? American TV channel «Starz» has created quite a few high-quality pictures. In the end, it turned out colorful, fascinating and beautiful show.

Let's start with the plot. It was 1945. Claire Randall was a nurse at the front throughout the war. When the war ended, she and her husband went on vacations to Scotland. But while walking through the place with stones called, Craigh na Dun, Claire gets into the past. It was 1743 year. Medieval Scotland is not the nice place. But the girl does not lose hope. She's looking for a way back in 1945. If a forced marriage and feelings to the young Jamie Fraser would not change her plans.

The plot is slow, unusual, and intricate. Each series of gently immerses you in the history of the "Outlander ". This is not a trivial episode. Although, it has sex scenes. The series can confidently watch both male and female audience. And they are incredibly like.

Rating TV project is 8 out of 10. This is a very high score for such picture. The show lived up to all expectations and forecasts. He came out beautiful, in the spirit of fantasy and military novel. After him in Scotland has been an unequalled surge of tourists.

It is an interesting, awesome and exciting movie. There are nice actors, atmosphere, dialogues, Scottish accent, and views of nature in the episode Soundtracks matched perfectly. The director was able to visualize the life of the last time. All is well in this series.

And all this was in the first season. The second season terribly disappointed. It had lost the airiness and beauty. Of course, the spirit of the series isn’t lost. Also we can see amazing costumes and interesting characters. But the extra scenes were added to the series, making prolonged isolation. And it became quite boring to watch even for the sake of the long-awaited final. It is hoped that "Outlander" to be reborn in the third season.

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