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Статья "Необходимость изучения английского языка в Казахстане"


Oksana Shubina

The importance of English language in Kazakhstan

Once upon a time a grandson asked his grandfather,” Tell me, please, why do we need our native language?” The grandfather thought very long and answered, “We need our native language to pass our love and appreciation to each other”. Then the boy asked again, “Why should I study foreign languages?” The old man thought even longer than before. He reflected and said, "When you enter another’s house you should know the language of this house and its owner. You should be able to tell about your peaceful intentions. It is a very simple and understandable explanation of the old man who has lived a very long life. The old man understood the greatest importance of studying the foreign languages. One of the most important aspects which occur in the Kazakh society, economic and social modernization advocates policy language.

The national leader’s attention of this part of the state policy is obvious and deserves the most careful study and analysis, because in our country a unique project is implemented. It was initiated by the head of state - the trinity of languages. In today's world of multilingual and multicultural than ever urgent problem of contingency language, the search for effective and sustainable programs in the field of languages for the consolidation of society. In this regard, the importance and relevance of multilingual education, which is the result of the introduction of the idea of the President of the trinity of languages is not in doubt.

In his speeches and appeals, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly talked about the importance and significance of development for multinational polylinguism of Kazakhstan society. The idea of the trinity of languages in Kazakhstan for the first time the President announced back in 2004, later returning to it repeatedly. So, in October 2006 at the XII session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan the Head of the State reiterated that the knowledge of at least three languages is important for the future of our children. And already in 2007 in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan "New Kazakhstan in the new world," the Head of the State proposed to begin a phased implementation of the cultural project "Trinity of languages". From that moment, and begins counting the new language policy of independent Kazakhstan, which today can serve as an example for other countries in the degree of popularity in society and the level of its effectiveness. Harmoniously entered into a process of spiritual development of the people, the language policy is inseparable from the general policy of large-scale social modernization. The President believes that the success of the modernization is very important that each citizen could be useful to the Motherland. Modernization is necessary for all Kazakhstan’s people. Only with such an understanding of a broad public consensus and success [1] can be achieved.

Contemporary language situation in Kazakhstan allows speaking about the trinity of languages as a significant factor in the strengthening of public consent. The diversity of cultures and languages and their equal co-existence is an absolute treasure of our country, as well as the language policy pursued ensures compliance with the linguistic rights of all ethnic groups, and provides a free choice of language for communication, education, implementation of creative needs. Positivity of three languages for the Kazakhstan community is possible while a single political, ideological and cultural platform. And this platform has already been set by the President to clarify the essence of the "Trinity of languages" - the study of Kazakh as the state language, Russian as a language of international communication and English as the language of successful integration into the global economy. Creating a level playing field for the study of the three designated languages does not mean equal to the scope of their operation, equal to the functional load and finally their equal status. The emphasis placed on educational component of this cultural project, which can be fully designated as multilingual education. However, the past few years, the controversy surrounding the activation of the language situation in Kazakhstan is connected with polylinguism that allows us to speak about the new faces of language education.

The cultural project "Trinity of languages", proposed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, can be considered a long-term strategy of development of Kazakhstan. Implementation of this project in many ways will determine the formation of a new generation of Kazakhstan citizens, multi-lingual, with positive growth opportunities of their essential powers and formation of competitiveness both in the professional field as well as in personal self-realization.

At the same time it is worth noting the fact that to the studying of the English language should be given maximum attention. This greatest need is dictated by the demands of modern society. All the latest developments in many areas of science carried out directly on the basis of the English language. And if we the citizens of Kazakhstan want to see our country among the first, it is necessary to pay great attention to the study of English as the language of information technology and language a bright future for our descendants. That is why I want to say the words of the wise old man who said to his grandson, “Knowing many languages means to have a lot of keys to one lock” If we try to know English we can open all locks of the world of progress and innovations.

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