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Статья по использованию ЭОР на уроках английского языка"История успеха"

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Success story.

In 2011 I had to change jobs and joined the team in High School N38. It was a rather difficult shift from teaching at a private language school to a municipal school. I was under pressure and demotivated. What raised most concern was my inability to build up rapport with the learners and motivate them.

I started attending regular workshops delivered by «Light School» together with my colleagues two years ago. They were very useful and encouraging. We learned and practised new techniques and reflected a lot on our teaching. She showed us BC websites and that was a real discovery. At a closer look I found out that there are a lot of lesson plans and interesting videos closely related to our syllabus. The school renovation and set up of IWB and broadband Internet was very timely. I started incorporating BC materials into my lessons on regular basis, which radically changed the classroom environment and the learners motivation. The most valuable outcome is that my learners started speaking and got very enthusiastic about learning English.

Another important step in my professional development was a methodology seminar we organised at our school to the secondary school teachers of English.Together with my colleague we prepared a session on e-tools. We shared our experience in using technology in language teaching. Our work in this area boosted after visiting E-Merging Forum The most rewarding was to hear words of gratitude from fellow colleagues from other schools and realise that we made a difference.

Nowadays, LeranEnglishTeens is part and parcel of teaching. What I value is that the materials are so up-to-date. I recommend it to my learners as a self-study tool. And I’m happy that there is still so much to use and discover.

My next step is to work more closely with webinars and seminars on Teaching English. And attending E-Merging Forum is my number one priority for this year.

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