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"Step by step"

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2The theme of the lesson: ‘’Step by step to the finish.’’

3.Aims of the lesson; to revise the lexis; to revise the grammar:degres of comparison of adjectives ,to develop listening comprehension skills.

Visiual airds and equipment :baskets, cards with tasks,the coloured papers,pencils, glue,and interactive board.

The course of the lesson

1.Organization moment:

Dear colleagues and students .We congratulate you with the holiday of languages and want to

show you how our pupils of 7a,ә,б forms can speak English .But before we begin competition we want to introduce you with the members of jury.

Let’s start our competition.Its named «Step by step to the finish».What’s the aim of this game?

The participants must get to the finish completing all the tasks one after another step by step.

At first every team will introduce yourselves.

The first step is lexical:the second step is grammatical,and the third one is saying proverb about mothertongue,motherland,knowledge and friendship.

Lets start our game.We have three teams .

This is a big tree with many fruts.These are magical fruts there.There are Kazakh words written on them.You must translate the into English .If you can’t translate the word ,you can’t hang the fruts to the tree.

Which team will have many fruits,they are winners. And you can get presents.

Now let’s begin our next step.

The second step is grammatical.

And you must make up sentenses from pieces.

The first sentenses are in the present Simple.

The next sentences are in the interrogative form of past simple.

The third sentences are in the negative form of future simple?

Your next task is on the theme degrees of adjectives.

You must put adjectives in the comparative and superlative degree.Who writes more corect adjectives they are winner of this game.

Our next task is saying proverbs about motherland,mothertongue knowledge and friendship.

Which team will say many proverbs they are winner.And the last task is to make up,flowers from colored papers and write down to it the best wishes and give it to each-other. After the game the jury reads the name of winner team and the jury will award the participiants with diplomas and prizes.

Thank you very much!We congratulate our winner.Its great that you know English very well.I hope you all are going to improve your knowledge of English in the future.

I am very thankful to our respectable jury for your coming and spending your time with us we wish everybody success in your life!Good bye!

Краткое описание документа:

Это соревновательный урок.Там включено грамматика,лексика и интелектуальные игры.Этот урок развивает речь и интерес изучать англиский язык.Там еще есть задания,пословицы и поговорки каждый соревнующий класс должны знать пословицы о дружбе ,родине знании в конце урока каждый участник делает из бумаги цветы и пишет там своих пожеланий друг к другу.

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