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Стихи на английском языке " English ABC ".




Alice, Alice! You`re a pretty girl!

Blue big eyes, hair`s long.

We`re true friends for out life.

Help each other any time!

A bee flies in the sky,

She brings to you gold honey.

It`s very useful for all us

Let`s be healthy, wealthy, funny.


A cat sleeps at the house.

It`s dream about the little mouse.

Their game is hide - and - seek.

Where`re my friends? Go out, please!


Who lives behind our close door

And doesn`t sleep all night?

Nobody comes through our yard

Till we have the best big guard!


The Earth is our native planet.

I love its beauty very much.

Take care about this ball with pleasure.

We can`t live without its all treasure.

Forever the Earth, for long time!


The boys play football on the field .

They want to win in their team .

Football players enjoy this game

And run to gate again , again .


My granny is the best and lovely person.

She cooks delicious dinner

And says to you: «Good luck».

We like to listen to fairy- tales in the evening.

And knit the socks for winter nights.


- Hi ! – my friends cry in the morning .

- Hello ! – my English teacher says to me .

-How do you do ! – a businessman .

- Good evening !- the President .

All people like to be polite .

Say “Hello !” and say “Good – bye !”


I am Kate and you are Peter .

I am ten and you’ re ten too .

I can walk with you together .

I am your friend . And what about you ?


John has a horse .

Its name is Jane .

A horse eats sugar and a cake .

John likes to ride to the hills

And cries “Heray ! “ to the sun and winds .


One , one .Who likes to climb ?

Two , two . Who has lunch with you ?

Three , three .Perphaps , its a kitten maybe .


Lady goes to the shop .

She ‘ ll buy sandals for her dog.

But the puppy rare thinks ,

It runs out without things .


I take my mummy for her hand ,

We go for a walk .

I like to sing the song for mum

And help in anything all time .


Nuts are sitting on the tree .

They are laughing at the bee .

Why do you always work so hard ?

Look at us ! So enjoy and relax .” But

The wind blows to the nuts …

Where are they now ?

Nobody finds .


A round orange is very yummy .

It sends its smiles to you and mummy .

I grew very far away ,

But taste me now , every day .


A fat pig lies on the ground ,

Warms his nose . It’s pink and round .

There isn’t the cloud in the sky .

Hello , Hot Sun ! Cold Rain , Good – bye !


Queen is dancing at the palace .

Skirts are waving above the floor .

She’s a very polite lady .

There wasn’t the most pretty girl before .


Why do leaves shake up and down ?

A grey rabbit hides under ground .

Why is my tail so small ?

I’d show my brave heart .

That’s all .


We like Sunday best of all .

Playing cricket and football .

Let’s do tasty roast beef .

Have good time at weekend , please !


Letter T . Who doesn’t know ?

It is slim and very tall .

It likes doing exercises ,

Runs and jumps and plays baseball .


We can walk hand in hand .

The umbrella’s my true friend .

When it rains I am dry .

But the umbrella’s wet and cry .


In summer children go to the river .

In winter they sledge down from the hills .

All seasons are the best in our village .

Because it’s my native lovely place !


Water flows in the river .

Water splashes in the lake .

I like washing with fresh water

Very often every day !


New Year , come in our house !

Gives many presents to little boys and girls .

We wait for they long time this year

And open doors in front of you before .


We go to the zoo today !

What a wonderful this day !

We ‘ll see a monkey and a bear ,

A hippopotamus and a hare !

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