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Страноведческий материал к урокам:"PUBS AND DRINKS"

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Some visitors to Britain think that the laws about drinking alcohol are too strict. Others think they are mild. But nearly everybody agrees that one of the best places to enjoy a drink is in a British pub. All the pubs sell alcoholic drinks, some of them sell food. You can't buy a drink in a pub until you are eighteen,, but a lot of people have their first drink in a pub (usually cider or beer), a long time before their 18th birthday - because somebody buys it for them. In 1974 the laws changed: pubs are allowed to open and close when they wish and people under 18 can buy drinks.

Many young people like to play a game of darts - a popular indoor game - which belongs to the pub. Indeed, no good is without a dart-board and its set of three darts (small steel-tipped arrows).

Where would you expect to find a British male during any Saturday or Sunday? A silly question?

British women give an answer:

1) fishing,

2) attending a football or cricket match,

3) under the car,

4) in the pub,

5) near TV,

6) In the the garden.

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