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Страноведческий текст для обучения чтению "Central Park"

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Central Park

Central Park, in Manhattan, is a popular place for people in New York to meet, “hang out”, and have fun. New Yorkers say that the 843 – acre park is their own “front garden”, where they can relax and escape from the noise of one of the busiest cities in the world. There are lots of things to do in the park. You can play games, go jogging, cycling, horse – riding, or rollerblading, or simply sunbathe on the grass. You can visit the Metropolitan museum, there’s even a zoo! There are 58 miles of paths to explore, but don’t worry if you get tired; you can have a rest on one of the 9.000 benches. There are outdoor concerts and plays and, if you want something to eat, there are some great restaurants, like The Tavern on the Green. Central Park is famous all over the world and around 25 million people visit it each year.

However, the park hasn’t always been so popular. When it opened, in 1858, only rich people used it. Poor people said it was too expensive to get there. When transport became cheaper, the park became more popular and, in 1926, the first playground was built. But in the 1960s and 1970s the park became dirty and dangerous, so people didn’t want to go there. Then, in 1980, an organization called The Central Park Conservancy took control and everything changed. They spent millions of dollars on the park. They planted trees and added a lot of new attractions. Now there are 21 playgrounds and there’s even a skating rink. It costs $20 million a year to look after Central Park, but most people agree that it’s worth it.

I. Read the sentences. Mark (T) if it’s true, (F) if it’s false, and (?) if the text doesn’t say. Correct the false sentences.

1. There aren’t many gardens in New York.

2. You can’t take bicycles into the park.

3. Central Park is a good place for families to visit.

4. There are animals in the park.

5. More tourists than New Yorkers use the park.

6. It’s nearly sixty miles from one end of the park to the other.

7. You have to be rich to go to Central Park.

8. The park was more popular in the past than it is today.

9. In the 1970s people were afraid of going into the park.

10. The Central Park Conservancy spend a lot of money on the park

II. According to the 2d paragraph:

a) Central Park isn’t popular now.

b) The park is dirty and dangerous.

c) There are 21 playgrounds in Central Park.

d) The first playground was built in 2001.

III. This text is addressed to:

a) Environmentalists.

b) Zoologists.

c) All the people.

d) The Conservancy staff.

IV. Formulate the main idea of the text.

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