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"Супер интуиция" (8 класс) внеклассное меропиятие по английскому языку

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Внеклассное мероприятие

для предметной недели иностранного языка в школе

Super Intuition




  • Обобщить  лексический материал, изученный ранее.

  • Совершенствовать и контролировать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком по темам и по таким видам речевой деятельности как: говорение, чтение и письмо.

  • Стимулировать желание учащихся высказываться на английском языке.

Оснащение: доска, аудиозаписи.

Voice overs

Battle of the male mind and female logic. Seven strangers. 70000 dollars at stake, 10,000 for one stranger. Who will collect more money - wins. Attention, it will be hot!



Welcome everyone to our channel, I'm - Taras Deynega will be with you and now the show "Super Intuition". Show which converge in a battle of the male mind and the female logic. If you wonder who today will meet in dobe, I will satisfy your curiosity. The participants on stage. (music)

These two people besides me have long been familiar. Firstly, they live side by side -they are neighbors. Secondly, they go to the same class for 10 years. And thirdly, they are just good friends. And today they will be compared by their intuition. Today in our Studio competing chess-player Andrei Tirskiy and dancer Anna Yanchuk. (Applause.) And now I'll tell you about the rules of our show. Later in the show, you have the opportunity to make money, so what you need to do is to guess the strangers that are hidden under different categories. Each category is estimated at $ 10,000. If you give wrong answer then you've earned the money is transferred to your opponent. Yes, it's both funny and sad. The maximum amount of money you can earn in this show - 70,000 dollars. So, let's look at our strangers. Look, evaluate, think. (music)

Who will be first? You see in front of you 7 strangers. Attention, all categories.

1. Fell on the English lesson,.

2. Interested in ballroom dancing.

3. The street racers.

4. Lost a tooth during the fight in the ring.

5. Lost English textbook in the trash.

6. Has 6 cats and 6 dogs.

7. Do all the homework for English lessons.


So, I'll choose the category of___________. I think this man should be_______. I think it's the person number ____.


Well, of course. So number ______, good day. What's your name?________. Are you really the type of person who_______.


Yes, you are right, I really_____. fine, you win $ 10,000.

Taras Choose the next category.


No, I'm sorry, you guessed wrong. You've made a mistake.

Taras The course and the money is transferred to _____. Choose the next category.

So, our show is coming to the end. The winner was_____. Learn English and participate in future editions of our show.

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