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Таблица "Герундий и инфинитив"

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Инфинитив без частицы to

1. After prepositions

She is good at playing games.

1.After adjectives

My house is easy to walk to from town.

1. After any modal verbs:

would, could, might, must, should, etc.

He should see a doctor.

2.The subject of the sentence

Smoking is bad for your health.

2. To express purpose

She is saving money to travel.

2. After verbs:

let, make, see, hear, feel

I made him take out the garbage.

3. After some verbs (verbs of preference):

hate, like, love, enjoy, don`t mind, prefer, dislike.

I don`t mind running in the rain.

3. After some verbs:

agree, appear, decide, expect, hope, plan, promise, refuse, want.

I want to ride my bike.

3. After expressions:

would rather (not), had better (not)

You had better book early.

4.After verbs:

admit, appreciate, avoid, consider, continue, deny, fancy, go (for activities), imagine, mind, miss, quit, save, suggest, practice, prevent.

I suggest eating out tonight.

4. After expressions:

would like, would love, would prefer,

I would love to go to the theatre tonight.

5.After expressions:

be busy, it`s no use, it`s (not) worth, there`s no point (in), what`s the use of, can`t help, can`t stand, have difficulty (in), look forward to, object to.

I look forward to seeing you next week

5. After expressions:

to tell you the truth, to be honest, to sum up, to begin with.

To tell you the truth, I didn`t really think they`d win.

6.After verbs:

spend, waste, lose (time, money and etc.)

Don`t waste time trying to fix this.

6. After too/enough:

It is too cold to go swimming.

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