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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Таблица-вспомогательный материал "The system of education in Great Britain, Russia and the USA" (Сравнение систем образования)
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Таблица-вспомогательный материал "The system of education in Great Britain, Russia and the USA" (Сравнение систем образования)


The System of Education



Is the government policy focused on raising standards in schools, ensuring learning targets are achieved, tackling social exclusion, broadening access to further and higher education and enhancing the status and quality of the teaching profession?

When do children start schooling?

The school year begins

How many terms does the school year consist in?

Compulsory education. What stages of education refer to it?

Voluntary education. What stages of education refer to it?

The subdivision of pre-primary educational establishments

The subdivision of primary educational establishments

The subdivision of secondary educational establishments

What does the term “public school” imply?

What schools are free of charge?

What schools are fee-paying?

Are the tuition fees high?

Are pupils streamed according to their abilities?

School Curriculum. What subjects does it include?

Are children enabled to have a free school dinner or should they pay for theirs?

Is a hot or cold dinner provided by the school or a packed lunch taken from home?

What meal are children plied with?

Does the school syllabus comply with national guidelines?


Are parents entitled to express a preference for the school they wish their child to attend?

Can parents appoint staff and manage school budgets and be represented on school governing bodies?

Where is basic performance information on schools, such as public examinations results, vocational qualification results, rates of authorized and unauthorized absence represented?

How do parents get to know about their child’s progress?


in schools

Lines – when a teacher gives you “Lines”, you write out the same sentence again and again, perhaps 50 or 100 times

Detention – if you are “in detention”, you stay after school to do extra work – possibly Lines-for half an hour or so

Report - if you are “on report”, you have a card which you give to the teacher at the end of every lesson. Every teacher reports whether you have behaved yourself or not

Exclusion – if you are excluded, you cannot come to school for a few days or weeks and your parents have to see the head teacher. This is serious.

Expulsion – if you are expelled, you are sent away from your school with a bad record

Corporal punishment- caning or beating with a stick. Was it abolished?

How can a pupil be punished

for lateness

for truancy

for serious misbehavior in class, damage, vandalism, bullying

Are pupils obliged to wear the school uniform?

Do schools have speech-days when pupils are gathered in assembly hall on important occasions? What is the main idea of an “Assembly”?

In which extracur-ricular activities can children be involved?

Student government

Art organizations(band, choral, theatre)

Foreign languages club

Science club

Academic competitions

Newspaper and literary magazine

Charitable activities –charitable works such as care of the sick

Public library visits

Museum visits

Visits to historical places

Adventure weeks in a country camp

Trips abroad

What is the principal means for assessing attainment levels of secondary pupils? What main school examination do they sit for?

When a person leaves secondary school he has the following opportunities

Do schools provide careers education to help pupils succeed in the labour market?

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