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Тақырыбы: We like dancing

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Grade 2


45 min

Сабақ тақырыбы

We like dancing

Біліктілікті қалыптастырудағы сабақтың мақсаты мен міндеттері

  1. мәселелерді шешудегі

  2. ақпараттық

  3. коммуникативті

  1. To introduce to the lexis “dance”

  2. To study new grammar material

  3. To develop abilities

  4. To develop skills to use and practice new vocabulary and grammar in listening, speaking, reading and writing

  5. To develop abilities to practice new material in individual, pair, group work and as a class

  6. To develop memory, logical thinking, problem solving abilities

Сабақтың түрі

Lesson of new knowledge

Сабақта қолданылатын


Personality-oriented, informative and communicative, problem solving


demonstrative, audio-lingual, communicative

Inductive presentation of Grammar.

Пәнаралық байланыс


Оқыту құралдары

CB (p.40) & ‘’ Family and friends 3’’ ; CD 01-02; family members cards, worksheets, Smiles, computer, projector

Сабақ барысы

Мұғалімнің іс-әрекеті

Оқушының іс-әрекеті

Күтілетін нәтижелер

  1. Organization




Hello, my friends! Hello everybody! Nice to meet you! Will you sit down! What is the day today?

Teacher tells pupils some simple oral instructions: Stand up, Sit down, turn an round…

The teacher recite a poem:


Tick-tock, tick tock,”

Says the clock.

Tock-tick. Tock-tick”

Get up, Nick.

Hello teacher! We are fine! Today is…

Respond the instructions and take their seats

Pupils answer questions and name themselves

The pupils repeat after the teacher chorally and


  1. Жаңа тақырыпты түсіндіру


1,2,5.6,7,8, 9,10

The teacher gives cards and asks pupils to stick them

into correct place on the tree,

Listening CD(1

Playing the second part of the recording for children

to repeat

Then the teacher asks in Russian: У вас есть семья/?

У вас есть сестра и брат?

The teacher models the sentences and write them on

the board;

I have a father.

I have a sister.

I have a brother.

Pupils listen to teacher very attentively. Then repeat after teacher (choral work)

They stick cards in correct place of the tree.

Pupils trying & analyze. Find errors and correct


Children listen and

repeat: all together

then individually.

Grandpa, mum,

grandpa, sister, cousin, dad, aunt, uncle, brother.

Pupils repeat after the

teacher chorally and individually .Try to model sentences with other family words/.

To lead pupils in a new theme and new lexical material

Remind words on theme “Family”

And their further using

Cd (1)

Play the second part of the recording for pupils to repeat.

.Play the recording all the way through for children

to listen and point and repeat the words in chorus.

.Point to individual flashcars on the board and ask

children to repeat the words in chorus.

Make sure that children understand –aunt –and –uncle

Apply to all brothers and sisters of your mum and dad,and -cousin- applies to all of the ir children, if

there are several words in their language.

Teacher models the sentences and write them on the board:

I have a father.

Max has a sister.

Holly has a brother.

Pupils trying to do this ex by themselves.

Listen & repeat

Grandpa,mum, grandma,

Sister,cousin, dad, aunt.

Uncle, brother.

Pupils repeat after teacher chorally and individually. Try to model sentences with other family words.

To fixing new lexical material

3) Explanation

Multi-media Presentation of verb “have” in Present Simple:

Have/ has ( He, she)

Do you have…? Does he have…?

I don’t have… He doesn’t have…( I, We, They)

Pupils write down the new information

To lead pupils in new grammar material

4) Practice

Listening and Speaking: poem “ My family”

Teachers writes the poem on the board, reads the poem herself

I have a father.

I have a mother.

I have a sister.

I have a brother.

Father, mother, sister, brother –

Hand in hand with one another.


a) Join the parts to make 10 words.





















Write the negative form and questions:

  1. I have a daughter. I don’t have a daughter.

  1. Do you have a daughter?

  2. He has a brother. He doesn’t have a brother.

  3. Does he have a brother? He doesn’t have a brother.

  4. They have a family.

  5. She has a grandmother.

  6. We have an aunt.\\

Read and write the names.

Tell the class they are going to write the names of the four children.

Children do the rest of the exercise individually

Listen and check CD 02

Play the recording. Children follow the text in their Class

Books and check their aswers to ex.2. With a strong class

You may wish to ask individual pupils to read.


Draw and speak on your “family tree”:

I have a family. I have a mother, a father, etc.
I don’t have a brother… Do you have a sister…?

Pupils chorally repeat the the lines of the poem after teacher

Pupils do the ex.

individually in exercise-books

The pupils do the task

orally then write sentences

Pupils trying to do this ex by themselves. Write correctly. Listen and check

Pupils write & draw their family tree

In pairs pupils practice short dialogues

Focus children’s attention to the practice and consolidation of lexical and grammar material

5) Putting marks & giving home work


Workbook p 4 ex 1,2Work sheet.

6) Reflection

Teacher put “smiles” around the class. Pupils must choose their moods: Misunderstanding, understand but not all, everything is clear

Pupils choose their moods

Formation of self-respect self-detection and motivation for further learning

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