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Тақырыбы: "Step 5. Reading" (7 класс)

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Date: 09. 02. 2016.

Grade: 7.

The theme: Step 5. Reading.

The aims of lesson:

A) Educational: Presentation of the lesson to talk about health and how to keep fit. To make pupils to think about junk food and useful food. B) Developing: To develop the pupils habits in the oral speech, to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, reading, grammar skills.

C) Breeding: to increase pupils interest to English.

Inter -subject connection: Kazakh, English. Methods: training, explanation, demonstration. The equipment: Pupils book, blackboard, cards with new words, picture and a table.

The plan of the lesson.

  1. Organization moment: (greeting, sing a song)

  2. Checking up the home task. (Ex 5. 116)

  3. Brainstorming (answer the question)

  4. Giving information about new exercise for reading and survey.

  5. The new theme: Ex 7.

  6. Basic part. Reading of the text.

  7. Work on new words.

  8. Pupils’ thoughts about survey.

  9. A grammar exercise.

  1. . Conclusion.

  2. . Home task.

  3. . Marks.

1. Good afternoon, children.

- Good afternoon teacher.

- What date is it today?

- Today is the ninth of. February, Tuesday.

-What kind of the weather we are having now?

-It’s warm (cold, windy, cloudy) etc.

2. Now, children Let’s sing our song about friendship.

Ex. 5. Answer the question, and to know how fit you are. Who is ready, Who will come to the blackboard.

( I’ll call to the blackboard 1-2 pupils )

3. What should you do to keep fit and what you shouldn’t do.

We can write on the board with the help of the pictures in two


Should do shouldn’t do

Having regular check ups eat junk food

Do regular exercises smoking

Eat fresh fruit eat much fried food

Keep your weight down watch TV long time

Drink milk sit long time with

the computer

New assignement; E x7 to read about the British

children and world survey. Survey informs that

British children are not as fit as their parents and grandparents.

We shall read a magazine e article one by one ,try to understand

the meaning

5.After reading the text we shall work on new words;

Survey [s vei]


junk food d nkfud кунарсыз тамак

enough [en f] жетк

recent [ri;s nt] co


Then we must write all the subjects in one line, and the technology in other line:

Maths bus

English car

Geography TV - set

Chemistry DVD-s

Video – recorders

7.What do you think children, is the survey right? Are the children

Overweight now?

8.Grammar exercise with some, any,much,many,a few,a little

Let’s write exercise 11 ( I’ll ask to write on the board.

  1. We use , any in positive sentences

I want ---- bread (some)

2. I never drink ------alcohol.(any)

I don’ want ------- mineral water, thank you3.Would you like -------cake? (some)

4.-Is there ------milk left? (much)


there is only ------. (a little)

5 There are not ------cans of coke (many) and

there only -------cans of orange juice.(a few)

9.Conclusion; Your home task; Ex.9.Read and translate

the thoughts of young people about survey.

10Your marks;

The lesson is over, good bye.

Education Ministry of Kazakhstan.
Mangistau region. District: ‘Baskudyk’
Secondary school

Open Lesson

Grade : 7 ‘Ғ
Teacher : Shabikbaieva K.N


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