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Тақырыбы: "Test 7 form" (7 класс)

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Grade – 7

I. vocabulary

Fill in the missing words

Yesterday Lena was taken 1) ___. She was running a high 2) __________. She felt 3) ______ and 4) ______. She had a 5) ________ and 6) _________. Her mother called the 7) ________. The doctor came. He felt Lena`s 8) ______ and listened to her 9)_________. The doctor told Lena to take some 10) __________ for her cold. He wrote a 11) _____________ for some pills and mixture. Her mother went to the 12) ___________ to get the medicine.

sore throat medicine pulse

prescription ill doctor

lungs temperature chemist`s

sick giddy headache

II. Grammar

Choose the correct answer

1. A teacher comes. We ______ stand up.

a) must b) should c) have to

2. The lesson has just begun. You ______ be late for the lesson.

a) must b) mustn`t c) shouldn`t

3. You lead a healthy life. You ______ eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

a) must b) shouldn`t c) should

4. He has a bad cough. I think he ________ go to the doctor.

a) must b) should c) have to

5. He has to work full-time, but he ________ do anything in the house.

a) shouldn`t b) don`t have to c) doesn`t have to

6. I am alone. I haven`t got _______ sisters and brothers.

a) any b) much c) some

7. I`d like to wash my hair, so I want _______ shampoo.

a) any b) some c) a few

8. I haven`t got______ money.

a) a few b) many c) much

9. There is ________ water in the glass.

a) a little b) many c) any

10. I eat ______ meat. I don`t like it.

a) very little b) very few c) some

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