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Tasks for 6 form

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Read the text and do the task . Текстті оқыңыз және тапсырманы орындаңыз.

My friend

My friend’s star sign is Leo. He is honest. He is kind and likes giving presents. He is careful about his clothes. They are clean. He is always tidy. Sometimes he’s a bit bossy. I think it’s because he’s hardworking and clever. He is a good leader.

All my classmates obey his orders and support him. I like my friend very much.

I. Which confirm is true? (Берілген сөйлемнің қайсысы дұрыс?)

1. My friend’s star sign is Leo.

2. He’s greedy.

3. My friend is untidy.

4. He likes giving presents.

5. He’s a good leader.

a) 1, 4, 5. b) 1, 3, 4. c) 2, 4, 5. d) 1, 2, 3, 5.

II. Which sentence is answer of the question? Сұрақтың жауабы қай сөйлем? Why is my friend a good leader?

1. he is honest.

2. he likes giving presents.

3. he is tidy.

4. he is hardworking and clever.

II. Find antonyms of the words:

A. kind a. rude

B. clever b. lazy

C. hardworking c. cruel

D. polite d. stupid

III. Сөздерді мына тақырып бойынша таңда: «Weather», «Clothes», «Home».

Skirt, kitchen, shorts, bed, windy, armchair, kind, cloudy, hot, carpet, trousers, rainy, T- shirt, summer, sink, cap.

Weather Clothes Home

_____________ _______________ ________________

_____________ _______________ ________________

_____________ _______________ ________________

_____________ _______________ ________________

IV. Grammar

I. Дұрыс жауапты таңда:

1. They … to visit galleries and museums.

a) likes b) are liking c) like

II. Дұрыс артикльді таңда: a,an,the

1. She is … doctor. She works in hospital.

2. They are at a café on …High Street.

3. He eats …egg and toast for breakfast.

4. In summer … sky is clear and blue.

5. I want to be … engineer when I leave school.

III. Берілген сөздерден сөйлем құрастыр:

1. Has,Aidar, never, to, Tower, London, of, been, before, the.

2. The, went, Stogovs, a, ago, week, to, south, the.

IV. Зат есімнің көпше түрде жазыңыз:

fox –

country –

sheep –

child –

table –

foot –

woman –

V. Dialogue

I. Сөйлемдерді дұрыс орын тәртібімен қойыңыз:

1) Why not! See you tomorrow morning then.

2) Have you ever been to an art gallery?

3) I don’t know yet.

4) What are you going to do on Saturday?

5) No, I’ve never been there.

6) Let’s go then. It’s worth seeing.

a) 1,3,4,2,6,5 b) 2,5,4,3,6,1 c) 4,2,5,6,1,3

II. Дұрыс жауапты таңдаңыз.

1. How is your Dad?

a) He is fine, thank you. b) No problem.

c) Thanks you, too. d) And how are you?

2. How do you do?

a) How do you do? b) I’m doing well.

c) My name is Smith. d) Very well

III. Сатушы және сатып алушы арасындағы әңгімені толықтырып жаз.

- Hello! What can I do for you?

- ____________________________________________________________

- Of course, we have. We have got a lot of shoes.

- ____________________________________________________________

- Here you are.

- ____________________________________________________________

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