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The war and our school

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The war and our school

May is always a very important month in the life of our nation, because this month is associated with one of the most important events in the history of our country - the long-awaited Victory, but may of 2015 has even more global significance, because our country will celebrate 70 years of the Victory of the great Patriotic war.

On the eve of the celebrations there is a need to introduce all our school’s military history! After all, few people know that our school in September 2014 celebrated 200 years. It has a very rich history. A whole story collected in our Museum, where we are now.

Valentina V. Selivanova was the first director of the school History Museum of Bolshevisimsky school". The Museum was founded in 1989. During this period it has 5300 exhibits , 24408 visitors, including delegations from England, Africa, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Mongolia, the U.S., France.The Museum is a center for research and artistic activity in the system of Patriotic education.

It’s the winner of the regional review of local history museums. There are printed articles in 13 collections, 20 periodical publications about the Museum. It’s the winner of 5 regional competitions. The pride of the Museum is the map and the book "Memory" .

As we have already said Bolshevistskaya gymnasium is the oldest in Odintsovo. It was opened in 1814 as a school diplomas in a private home. There were 7 boys from the clerk. Then the school became a parish with a two-year training, and since 1875 became a district school three, and then four-year training. 25 boys from the Bolshie Vyazemy, Malye Vyazemy, Zakharovo studied in four classes. In 1917, the school had 2 teachers. Lebedev Dmitriy Alekseevich and Soloviev Sergey.were the first teachers of our school.

In 1938 a new school was built . In 1940 the school was approved as the participant of all-Union agricultural exhibition for good performance and organized educational work,

March 1940. The school is preparing for the third students’ edition with seven years of education, when it falls under the survey Committee of the Institute of the schools of the people's Commissariat for state educational work of the school. Bolshevistskaya seven-year school is recognized as "the best school in the country among schools of this type! And three teachers Prudnikova, Shmeleva, Razumovskaya are written in honour book of the Moscow region.
In 1940, the school became an expanion at VDNkh. Its staff was prepared to repeat its success in 1941, but the war changed the plans ..

In the early days teachers went to the front : Shmelev - mathematician, Andryushin - historian, Shanin - physicist, Gradini – write.. Of course, the war interrupted students’childhood too. Most of them have become indispensable helpers on the farm, in the fall had to harvest.
School began only in 19 January 1942. Three shifts studied in one of the buildings. Many of the students were evacuated, students were rather few, but they made a huge contribution in helping teachers and school. Training conditions were not the best: there was no light, so Smoking device covered only part of the Board and the teacher's table, but this did not diminish the desire of children to learn....It was hard, but survived.


A military hospital was opened In the tense days of the battle of Moscow in the building of our school. Nurses,who helped professionals were common Golitsyn women. Each resident of the village considered his duty to give something to help the hospital: they brought beds linen, bandages, bedside tables. These days it was especially difficult to have the medical staff: doctors and nurses were literally overcome with fatigue, many of them slept the whole day...

Thousands of people were able to save lives ,but came hundreds of fighters and the medicine was powerless to help them. Sometimes to take the wounded to hospital simply did not have time...many of the dead had no documents ,that’s why many of them remained obscure.
Certainly the most significant contribution we give doctors, orderlies, nurses, professionals...but it is impossible not to mention students: our peers, children who helped in every way: cut wood in the frosty night, put on concerts for the soldiers, and the older children helped even dressings

. We managed to find a document, say "eyewitnesses»: in the summer there were several school teams to help the hospital: they grew vegetables, picked up the ears, presided over by young, collected scrap metal, spoke to the farmers and in the hospital with concerts.

Of course, the hospital was closed many years ago(at the end of the war),but our School will always remember and be proud of the deed of his countrymen, students and teachers!!!!And it really is something to be proud of.

Vera Razumovsky - Director Bolshevisimsky school

Vera Razumovsky was born in the family of a priest on February 11, 1898. Her father had coming in Nazarevo township of Perkhushkovo. Razumovskaya graduated the pedagogical Seminary and began her teaching career in Moscow in 1912. But, as she noted in her biography, she was always drawn to the village. In 1919 distribution centuries Razumovskaya was sent to Bolshevyazemskaya school. In December, Vera Vasilievna was elected Deputy of the village Council and delegate to the first all-Union Congress of teachers as the best teacher of region. Thanks to her a new school.building was dedicated.

In 1935 the school was reorganized as a high Junior. At this time, Vera Razumovsky and all teachers received higher education

But the war broke out! Many teachers and students went to the front to defend their Homeland.

In the autumn of 1941 Razumovsky was evacuated in Nazarievo. The outbreak of the battle of Moscow threw the front line from Vyasemy. Vera quickly returned, but to organize the beginning of the school year was only 20 January 1942.

Vera first went to the house, to support in word and deed, when father of one of the pupils Anatoly Sulyanova was dead, and left three children. Razumovsky charged for Anatloly and made him to work, and after the war helped to enroll in flight school. After the air force Colonel Anatoly Sulyanov will write about Vera Vasilyevna: "...it's amazing kindness, generous heart, demanding, caring, extraordinary intellectual horizons..." "She is as a mother. She gave the tickets to the lives of thousands of children, gave everyone a piece of her kind heart...


Memory... How many years passed, it again and again will return us to the harsh days of the war.
Harsh time 1941. August. Our school, community escorted to the front their sons. Many of them never returned. They told in letters about how they beat the enemy. Our pilots didn’t return home: Nikolay Korolev, Sergey Kuznetsov, Nikolay Ivanovich Pachenkov and many, many others.
More detailed documents are preserved about Kolya Korolev. 15 February 1945 flew on a combat mission and did not return to the airfield. His mother was said that he had gone missing, and in 1957 in Poland the Soviet aircraft, wreckage , the remains of the dead pilot and the order of the red banner were found. Kolya killed in the line of military duty, combat missions.
George S. Grigoriev is trooper , scout. He repeated the feat of Alexander Matrosov, for which he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
Nikolai Medvedev graduated from high school in the 41st and immediately together with classmates went to Smolensk to build fortifications, and then got to the front. In January 42 he was awarded a medal for bravery. And soon was killed.

Today we want to call all their names. For the honour and independence of our Motherland gave their young lives: George Ognivtsev, Alexander Lavrentiev, Konstantin Soloviev, Basil Jijkin, Alexander Rosenthal, Yuri Circles, Basil luskin, Vasily Smirnov, Dmitry Makhanko, Alexander Nechaev, Benjamin Zeitlin, Basil Dove, Alexander Starov, Igor Orlinski, Stanislav Druart, Vladimir Gubin, Evgeny Morozov, Mikhail Epifanov, Eugene Zhukov, Anatoly Kaptur, Alexey Kurganov,

During this period the grave appeared, the place that our school honors this day. Every year on Victory Day our school remembers those who never returned from war, the guys from forty-first. And on the 9th of May, held mass rallies, mountains of wreaths and the first spring flowers grow on the grave. And the memory eagerly absorb every word of veterans to carry through the years every moment, to preserve it for posterity and history.
Centuries will pass, but humanity will never forget the great deeds committed by the Soviet people and its heroic army in the great Patriotic war.

I see a photo on the pages

Of paper I was looking through

With soldiers looking like teenagers,

The heroes of World War II.


Four fellows standing by the mote

Were photographed before assault

The background was a lovely scene:

The sky was blue, the grass was green

In fact, nobody knew them, really,

There is no book on them, no song.

There’s here someone’s dearie,

a student or the only son.


Their lives had only just begun

They fell in battlefield as one.

The background was a lovely scene:

The sky was blue, the grass was green

3. CONCLUSION.This story we would like to finish by the example of Razumovskaya, for example, her heroic personality...of course, our country can be proud of its origin: and the war is a great example. It is not enough and no time to describe the exploits of Russian soldiers, but it doesn't matter, because the most important thing is our attitude towards them: our respect, endless gratitude and love.

Summing up, we note that this work was a great importance for us - was raised a giant reservoir of an unknown material, diverse, sometimes contradictory, the study of which we had to think, to analyze, to compare, to systematize. And we are very pleased that the results of our work are available to other

A low bow to the Veterans of the great Patriotic War, home front workers, to all those to whom we owe our great Victory!

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