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The Beauty of the Summer Nature.


The Beauty of the Summer Nature.

Summer is one of the most beautiful and splendid seasons of the year. The summer nature is special and impressing. It’s associated with something unusual: sounds,scents,feelings. Its rich meadow grass fragrance of wild flowers and even gloom, and evening freshness of the fir forest. All nature magnificence of summer is reflected in the works of the famous poets. They devoted a great deal of romantic and exciting poems to a beautiful time. Here are some of them:

Sergei Esenin “Good Morning”. Translated by Peter Tempest.

The gold stars are sleeping,

The mirror-pond trembles,

The dawn light comes creeping

And heaven’s net reddens.

The birch-tree smiles sleepily,

Her silk locks free-flowing,

Green earrings are rusting.

And silver dew glowing.

Tall nettles by the fencing

Their bright pearls are flaunting

And whispering merrily:

Good morning!”

Fyodor Tutchev “ A summer Evening”.

Earth nods its head

A glowing sphere rolls

Into the ocean, which enfolds

The calm, evening red.

Bright stars start rising,

Heads still moist.

They take the sky and hoist

It far over the horizon.

Sweetness shudders through the land

As if, freed from the heat,

Nature’d scooped spring waters in her hand

And splashed her burning feet.

My favourite season is summer. I like summer because we have holidays and I have much free time. Summer! What a beautiful season it is! Wonderful flowers, graceful butterflies, insects, warm water in the lake, warm sunny rays and long holidays. When the weather is fine my friends and I like to ride our bikes, play different games in the open air, swim in the lake, sunbathe or just enjoy the beauty of flowers in the gardens. When it rains I like to run in the puddles in the rain. It’s so great! And after rain there is usually a many-coloured rainbow in the sky. It looks like a fairy-tale!

In summer my family and I often go to the forest. There are high mountains and green forests round my town. The forests are rich in different berries: flowering strawberries, raspberries, cherries, stone brambles. I like to wander in the woods enjoying the beauty of magic nature. And have you ever thought about the scents of summer? Oh, they ‘re so magnificent: the scents of green grass, fresh berries and fruits, fragrant flowers, honey and fresh milk. These scents fly in the air only in summer. The greenery of the woods and groves, the smooth blue sea, the clear blue sky with snow-white clouds! It’s fantastic!

Summer has a wonderful and clear voice – those are the birds singing high in the sky or hiding in the brunches of the trees:the maestro nightingale, the morning lark, the merry talker-sparrow. And towards the evening the music of summer is changed – it enters the chorus of crickets which don’t stop till morning.

Do you know the proverb “There is no place like home”? I do. I think it’s true.There’s no place dearer than my native town – Baimak. It’s situated in the Republic of Bashkortostan. I am happy to live here. Bashkortostan is unique natural landscapes, the peaks of the Urals, mountains and feather grass steppes where the herd of horses are grazing. Only here you can enjoy real bashkiriankumiss – astringent and fragrant mare’s milk.

I am proud of my motherland and enjoy the beauty of its nature. I think that everybody must save the unique beauty of the native place.

Sabina Buribaeva. Form 7

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