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The Demonstrative & Indefinite pronouns 4 grade

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The theme of the lesson: Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns.

The aims of the lesson :

Educational: mastering of new materials and use in speech, to educate students use lexical materials on the lesson modal verbs. Ознакомление с новым материалом и использование их на уроке, активизация лексического материала по теме, систематизация грамматического материала: модальные глаголы.

Developing: to develop memory, logical thinking and developing creative work with new technologies, to provide an opportunity of free speaking, skills and habits in monologue (dialogue) speech. Развитие монологической и диалогической речи, практика в восприятии и понимании речи на слух, развитие памяти и логического мышления.

Bringing up: to make an interest to the subject, to teach the students to be patriots and to know our famous sportsmen, to take care of their health and go in for sports. Проявить интерес к уроку, воспитать чувство патриотизма, знать наших знаменитых спортсменов, беречь здоровье и заниматься спортом.

Methods of teaching: answer- question, group and individual work and discussion. Вопрос – ответ, групповая и индивидуальная работа и обсуждение.

The type of the lesson: consolidation.закрепление.

The visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, pictures on theme “Sport”, crossword, video, diagram and slides. Интерактивная доска, картинки по теме «Возвратные и неопределенные местоимения», кроссворды, диаграммы и презентации.

The produce of the lesson: Хронологическая карта урока.

  1. Beginning of the lesson. (10min)

  1. Speech drill. (greeting). Приветствие.

  1. Brainstorming (using the interactive method). Мозговая атака. (10min)

  2. Presentation of new theme.Объяснение новой темы. (20min)

  3. Comprehension Check.Упражнения. (15min)

  4. Demonstration games on video- player. Видеоролик. (5min)

  5. Consolidation of the new materials. Закрепление. (10min)

  6. Conclusion of the lesson. Завершение урока. (10min)

  7. Giving homework. Giving marks. Домашнее задание, оценка. (10min)

I. Organization moment.

a) Speech drill.

- Good morning, students! How are you? We can begin our lesson. It will be a very interesting lesson. Be ACTIVE, PLEASE! I am glad to see you again. Sit down, please!

-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?

-What month is it now?

b). Checking up the homework

Ex 9. Divide the adjectives into 3 categories: a) adjectives describing person’s appearance; b) adjectives describing person’s character; c)adjectives describing other qualities

attractive slim tall poor

boring attentive serious tern

educated stupid ugly pleasant

fragile short gloomy shy

independent progressive clever careless

famous cheerful polite lazy

noble mysterious brave free

greedy strong honest dull

bouncy fat great lovely

lonely curious wise slow

modest young thin tidy

smart wicked sad firm

adjectives describing person’s appearance

adjectives describing person’s character

adjectives describing other qualities



























II. Look at the blackboard. Let’s answer some questions about sport. They are:

  • What kind of sport do you go in for?

  • What kind of sport do you want to go in for?

  • Are there any keep fit centers in your town?

  • Do you go there?

  • What other kind of sport are you interested in?

III. Today we have new theme, Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns:

  • What kind of Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns?

  • Why are Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns used?

  • What do Demonstrative and Indefinite pronouns express?

IV. Click on the correct word before it disappears :

Местоимение SOME ( в утвердительных предложениях)

  • There is some milk in the bottle.

  • There are some newspapers on the table.

  • She has got some toys.

  • There is some coffee in the cup.

  • Give me some bread.

  • There are some trees in the garden.

  • There are some chairs round the table.

  • I asked her for some milk.

  • There are some boys in the yard.

  • Some pupils were late for the lessons.

  • We had some problems.

Demonstrative pronouns:


Note:  The following words are substandard and should not be used:


             theirselves       theirself          hisself         ourself

  V. Demonstration games on video – player. Please, show the video.

- Do you know this game?

- Do you ever go to football matches?

- What is your favourate football team and football player?

- Do you like football?

Football is playing everywhere in the world. In the USA, in China, in Brazil, in Russia, in Kazakhstan. It is known as game with a round ball, which was kicked with feet, was very popular ancient China four thousand years ago. Modern football as a popular game was developed in England in the nineteenth century.

VI. Look at the pictures and read the names of sports.

Running, jumping, yachting,

swimming, rowing, boxing, skiing and skating.

  • We need water for______________.

  • We need ice for________________.

  • We need snow _________________.

  • We don’t need a stadium _________.

  • We need gloves for _____________.

  • We need nothing but own legs_____.

VII. Conclusion of the lesson.

Everybody knows that physical exercises are very good for health. So, if we want always to be healthy and fit, we should:

Предлагаемые ответы студентов:

  • Do morning exercise.

  • Go in for sports.

  • Play active games, and etc.

Our time is over. That is fine students. You know so much about sport in the USA and in Kazakhstan.

Read the puzzle. Write letters in the boxes. (Давайте соберем буквы).











  1. Which letter is the second of the alphabet?(B)

  2. Which letter is the fifth?(E)

  3. Which letter is the eight?(H)

  4. Which letter is the fifth?(E)

  5. Which letter is the first?(A)

  6. Which letter is the twelfth?(L)

  7. Which letter is the twentieth?(T)

  8. Which letter is the eighth?(H)

  9. Which letter is the twenty- fifth?(Y)

Reflection. Рефлексия. Что у нас получилось BE HEALTHY”. Давайте пожелаем друг – другу здоровья. Let’s wish each other good health. So, I wish for all of you good health. Be healthy. Thank you. Now, our lesson is over.

VIII. Giving hometask, giving marks. Your hometask on the blackboard. Good- bye. See you later.

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