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The leader of the 21 of century

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The date of the competition: 24.09.2016

The theme of the competition: The leader of 25th anniversary

The aims of the competition

a) to enrich students knowledge about languages, countries

b) to develop communicative skills and abilities

c) to bring up the feeling of respect to traditions of other countries


The leader;Good morning, pupils and teachers, guests! We are glad to see you.Welcome to our competition lesson! We hope that you’ll enjoy today game.

Today we have an unusual lesson. We shall have a competition. The teams will take part in our competition. At the lesson you will answer the questions. I hope the lesson will be interesting for you and you will enjoy it. Now let’s introduce with judges of our competition there are Djulanova Galia Utesinovna,Tursynbekova Nursulu, and Amankulova Dilda Eltaevna.

Now dear friends I’ll introduce with our boys and girls who taking part in today’s competition.

Let’s start our competition. The 1st level is called “Baiga” listen to me I shall explain the rules. There are 10 questions . You must answer them. If your answer is right you will get 10 pounds. Is everything clear? So let’s start.

The 1st level

  1. What’s the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

  2. How many regions in are there in Kazakhstan?( 14 )

  3. When does Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence Day? ( on the 16th of December)

  4. What countries are border Kazakhstan? ( on the Russian Federation, the Republics of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan and China. )

  5. What holiday do people of Kazakhstan  celebrate on the 30th of August  ( Constitutions  Day)

  6. When do people celebrate the Day of languages in Kazakhstan? (on the 22nd of September)

  7. What’s  national symbols ?  ( National Emblem, The national flag, National anthems)  ( елтанба, ту,  әнұран)

  8. Who is the president of our Republic of Kazakhstan? (Nursultan Nazarbayev)

  9. When do people celebrate Nauryz in Kazakhstan ? (on the 22nd of March)

What’s the capital of Russia? (Moscow)

10.What’s the capital of Great Britain? (London)

11.Қазақ ұлы ақыны, ойшысы, философы кім? (Абай Кунанбаев.)

The leader: The 2nd  level is ‘Poliglot’ guess the riddles. Three members from each team go to the blackboard and choose the envelops with riddles. Riddles are in three languages. Guess the riddle and name the answer in three languages.

  1. 1 — тақия толған сөк, таң атқанда жоқ. (жұлдыздар — звезды — stars)

  2. 2 – айдалада ақ отау, аузы мұрны жоқ отау. (жұмыртқа — яйцо — an egg)

  3. 3 – аласа ғана бойы бар, тоғыз қабат тоны бар. (пияз — лук — an onion)

  4. 1 — везет, а не лошадь, летит, а не птица, жужжит, а не пчела.(ұшақ — самолет — a plane)

  5. 2 — упадет — поскачет, ударишь — не плачет (доп — мяч — a ball)

  6. 3 — не куст, а с листочками, не рубашка, а сшита, не человек а рассказывает (кітап — книга — a book)

  7. 1 — It is vegetable. It has many eyes, (ақ түйнеккартошка — a potato)

  8. 2 — it is white and deliсious. (қант — сахар — sugar)

  9. 3 — a little old woman has twelve children (жылгод — year)

The leader: The 3rd level is ‘Kokpar’ In this level the participants must make sentences who is the quickest?

My Kazakhstan is my motherland.

Astana is the capital of our Republic.

The official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan is Kazakh

(Сөйлемдерді жина)

The leader: The last level is to complete the proverb.

( Вам нужно закончить пословицу на казахском, русском или английском языке)

1.   Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

2.   East or west home is best.

3.   Отансыз адам, ормансыз бұлбұл.

4.   Имя мастера остаётся в его творениях, имя учёного остаётся в его книгах.

5.   Custom is a second nature.

6.   Тұған жердей жер болмас, тұған елдей ел болмас.

7.   Аppearances are deceitful.

8.   Отанды сүю, отбасынан басталады.

9.   Всякому овощу своё время.

10.   All is not gold that gitter

(Жюри подводит итоги)

1 Қымбат маған ана тілім, бал тілім.

Ақ сүтімен бірге сіңген бойыма,

Ана тілі – ардақ  тұтар алтыным.

Ана тілін жырлап өткен талайлар,

Жырлап өткен Ыбырай мен Абайлар.

 Қасиетті менің ана тілімде,

Өшпес мәнгі алаулаған арай бар.

Өлен – жырмен арайланса, тау күліп,

Ардақтымды жырлап өтем әң қылып.

Мағжан, Қасым, Мұқағали жырларын,

Жалғастырып жаза берем мәңгілік,

Деп мен өз тілімді жырлағым келеді.

2 Oh, friend unseen, unborn, unknown,

Student of sweet English tongue,

Read out my words at night alone:

I was a poet, I was young

Since I can never see you by the hand,

I send my soul through time and space

To greet you. You will understand.


3 Но как родной язык люблю я русский:

Он нужен мне как небо, каждый миг.

На нём живые трепетные чувства открылись мне,

И мир открылся в них.

Текут две речки в сердце, не мелея,

Становясь единой рекой.

Забыв родной язык, я онемею.

Утратив русский – стану я глухой.

The leader: Knowing of languages is very important for us.

 We must know three languages. These are Kazakh, Russian and English. Our language is connected with our thought and sense. It appeared in antiquity. It’s close to the society’s life. All languages developed under influence of economic, political and geographical conditions.

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