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The little Red Hen ( fairytale)

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The theme: out-of-lesson “The little red hen”

The aims:

  • developing pupils’ knowledge of art , oral speech and memory;

  • brining up pupils to have their own tastes and to differentiate the good and bad sides of things;

  • to motivate pupils’ interest in learning English, to educate the feelings of friendship, to make pupils feel themselves rich and successful.

to bring up pupils to be attentive and kind.

The type of the lesson: out – of – lesson

The kind of lesson: Fairy tale

Characters: Author- A.Seitzhanova, A.Abdrakhman, S.Sultanova, E. Zhumabaev, Zh.Karamurzaev, T. Salikbaev, A. Togyzbaeva, L. Tulegenova.

Author (Akniet): Once upon a time there was a little red hen who lived in a big farm yard. She had three friends and three yellow chicks.

One morning as they were busily scratching about the yard looking for something to eat, the little red hen found a grain of wheat.

Excitedly she called to the cat and the dog and the rabbit who lived in the farm-yard with her.

Red Hen (Aiganym): Look! See what I have found?

Friends: What is it?

Red Hen (Aiganym): It is a grain of wheat.

Friends: What will we do with it?

Red Hen (Aiganym): We should to plant this seed. Who will help me to plant this seed?

Cat (Zhanarys): Not I, I want to play

Dog (Temirlan): Not I, I’m looking after my house.

Rabbit (Ainur): Not I, I want to jump.

Chicks: What’s the matter mummy?

We can help you.

Author (Akniet): After few days, several little green shoots appeared. The seed grew and grew.

Red Hen (Aiganym): Now, who will help to water the seed.

Dog (Temirlan): Not I, I have some other things to do just now.

Cat (Zhanarys): Not I, I want to sleep.

Rabbit (Ainur): Not I, I want to eat.

Red Hen (Aiganym): Can you help me to water the seeds?

Chicks: - Yes, we can.

Friends: What fine wheat we have?!

Red Hen (Aiganym): Yes, indeed, it is time to reap the wheat. Who would like to reap it for us?

Friends: Oh, not I.

Not I,

Not I,

We’re playing.

Author (Akniet): She cut the heads off the seeds very carefully and put them in a bag. Then she called to the cat, the dog and the rabbit.

Red Hen (Aiganym): Now, who will take this wheat to the mill to be ground into flour?

Dog (Temirlan): Not I, you know I can’t carry such a heavy load.

Cat (Zhanarys): Not I, the dust would get into my nose and make me sneeze.

Rabbit (Ainur): Not I, I don’t know where is the mill.

Red Hen (Aiganym): Very well, I will take it myself. Now who is going to make this flour into bread?

Friends: Not I, I don't know how to do this.

Not I, I want to play.

Not I, I’ looking for something to eat.

Red Hen (Aiganym): I will do it.

Author (Akniet): So the loaf of bread was baked and it was beautiful golden and crusty. The little red hen put it on the kitchen table.

Friends: (Aкылдасады)

Red Hen (Aiganym): Well now, who is going to eat this loaf of bread?

Cat (Zhanarys): I will, I’m hungry.

Dog (Temirlan): I will, I’m hungry.

Rabbit (Ainur): I will, I’m hungry.

Red Hen (Aiganym): Oh, no! you won’t. I’m going to eat it with my little chickens.

Author (Akniet): Dear friends! I wish that you always help your friends when they need it.

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