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«The most important things in a job» (9 класс)

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School №63

«The most important things in a job»

Teacher: R.S. Кhussainova

Grade: 9 «A»

Astana, 2012

Date: 16.04.2014.

Grade: 9

The theme: The most important things in a job.

The objectives of the lesson: to discuss the most important factors for choosing a job.

1. To talk about the abilities people need to get a job;

2. To improve student’s communicative skills by expressing their opinions, interviewing each other, guessing the meaning of active vocabulary;

3. To develop student’s speaking, reading habits drawing conclusions and analyzing skills.

Target vocabulary: Words connected with jobs and professions.

Visual aids: The interactive board, cards, pictures

The type of the lesson: mixed lesson.

Methods: speaking, reading, a guessing game, talking to partner, matching the words, writing.

The connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Russian, Labour Training.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment a) greeting b)talking with duty c) classroom’s tidiness.

II. Checking up the home task: ex 10.

a) Can you move your head forward a little and I’ll tidy up the back for you

S/he is a hairdresser

b) These figures suggest that you are paying too much tax.

S/he is a accountant

c) Do you want the bedroom shelves made of oak?

S/he is a carpenter

d. If you let ma have your manuscript by the end of June I’ll be able to publish it in time.

He/she is a publisher

III. 1.Warming up “Guessing game”

* You don’t walk. You don’t talk to the people in your cabin. You’re in the air. What job is it? (pilot)

* You look after people in hospital. You sometimes work day and sometimes night. ( a nurse)

* You build houses, buildings. ( a builder)

* You mend cars. ( a mechanic)

* You interview people. You write articles for newspapers. ( a journalist)

* You teach pupils, students. Your job is difficult but you have a long holiday. (a teacher)

2. Match a job in A with the information in B

a. A clerk – does general office work.

b. An architect – designs and draws plans for new buildings.

c. A disc jockey – introduces music and songs on the radio.

d. a geologist – studies rocks, soil, mountains.

e. a judge – decides cases in a court law.

f. a model – wears and shows new fashions.

g. a civil servant – works for the government

h. a realtor – helps people buy and sell buildings and land.

3. A Game ex 3.

A game “ The Prognosis of Professions”

Meiyrman, Aknur, Symbat talking about their future.

4 . Read the following jobs. For which jobs do you need the English language.

Make a list in your notebook.

Accountant journalist lawyer

Actor nurse worker

Banker politician bodyguard

Dancer secretary teacher

Doctor manager dentist

Engineer judge reporter

IV. Practice. 1.Talk to your partner. Which of these things do you think are most important in a job?

Omar Dmitry Me

Getting good pay 1 1

Having interesting work 2 3

Being responsible 2

Contacting people

Working with nice people 9

Having good health 3

Being hardworking 7 2

Being very attentive to others 8

Getting job satisfaction 6 5

Having good holidays 4 4

Having responsibility 9

Interesting training abroad 5 6

Having ideas 7

Travelling 8

Short working hours

2. Getting good pay is the most important thing for both Omar and Dmitry. Having interesting work is the next important thing for Omar, but for Dmitry the next important thing is being hard working. Next important thing for Omar is having good health but for Dmitry it is having interesting work.

3. “ Professional Qualities”

Doctor Teacher Lawyer Economist

Unselfish humane fair patient

Polite fair decent exact

Careful erudite well – educated well-informed

High-skilled communicable responsible smart

Kind well-educated communicable well-educated

Humane ingenious well-informed responsible

Tactful well – bred high-skilled high-skilled

Responsible smart smart fair

Well-educated patient erudite unselfish

Smart polite tactful communicable

V. Conclusion. Giving Home task EX 6

VI. Giving marks.

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