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The Phantom of the Opera

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Проект по английскому языку:

«The Phantom of the Opera»

The Phantom of the Opera

Let the fantasy begin ©

film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1986 musical of the same name

Sometimes the beauty means safety and sometimes malediction.

The opening scenes

The film begins in 1919, where the dilapidated Paris Opera house holds an auction in selling pieces. Raoul the Vicomte de Chagny , now an old wheelchair-bound man, purchases a coveted music box. During the auction, Raoul spots a familiar figure: Madame Giry, whom he met as a young man. Madame Giry is now an old woman, almost 50 years later.

But he is distracted for the next piece, a broken chandelier now restored and electrically wired known as Lot 666. As the auctioneers display the restored chandelier, the opening crescendo of music wipes away the years of decay from the opera house as the black and white turns into color, and the audience is transported back in time to 1864, the beginning of the story, when the opera was in its prime.

Angel of music

A disfigured musical genius called "The Phantom,"lives within the deepest recess of the opera house. Tormented by his scarred face due to his memories of being abused as a child, the Phantom lives in the watery labyrinths beneath the Opéra Populaire in Paris. After nearly ten years of quiet obsession with the delicate, ethereal voice of Christine Daaé and the beautiful young soprano herself, he plots to place his protégé at center stage.

All I ask of you”

Christine is caught between her love for Raoul, her childhood sweetheart who has returned into her life, and her fascination and pity for the Phantom. Jealous and possessive, the Phantom plots to make Christine his, resorting to stalking her wherever she goes as well as killing several people including leading man Piangi.

Now, let it be the war upon you both”

A swordfight later ensues in the cemetery, where Raoul eventually disarms him and is about to kill him when Christine pleads for him not to, "not like this." His rage seemingly augmented, the Phantom angrily states as Christine and Raoul walk away: "Now, let it be war upon you both."

Point of no return”

During the night's play, he steals Christine away and avoids the trap to be captured by Raoul and the managers. After a series of tense, chaotic sequences, including dropping the chandelier (the one from the beginning of the movie) and setting the opera house on fire, the Phantom imprisons Raoul, who attempts to save Christine, and threatens to strangle him to death if Christine does not choose the Phantom.

No one would listen

Struck by the desperation of his actions as well as a revelation of how dark his past must be, Christine kisses the phantom and displays her pity and compassion for him. Her kindness and the love in her eyes so deeply touches the Phantom that, ashamed of what he's done, he allows Christine and Raoul to leave. Heartbroken, the Phantom begins to cry. Christine and Raoul row away singing to each other and Christine glances back at the Phantom.

The epilogue

Later, the grainy black and white picture focuses away from the monkey and dominates as the elderly Raoul rides to a cemetery where he goes to visit Christine's tomb, which reveals that she died only two years before, in 1917, at age 63. Her tombstone says "Vicomtess of Chagny" and "beloved wife and mother", suggesting she married Raoul, had children and died of old age. He lays the toy monkey at her grave site, and notices that on the left of the tombstone lies a red rose with a black ribbon tied around it (a trademark of the Phantom) with the engagement ring attached to it and the scene fades to black.

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