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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / The plan of the lesson animal
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The plan of the lesson animal


The plan of the lesson

The date: 16.02.2016

The grade: 8

The Theme: “Animals in danger”

The aim: Students to know the names of the animals which are in danger can explain Why they are in danger and what we should do to protect them. They will make “The Code of Rules” and explain their choice, working in groups, pairs.

Org. moment


2 min

Tongue twister

Teacher says Good afternoon pupils! How are you?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What is weather like today?

What month is it now?

Do you like cold weather?

Fuzzy wooly was a bear.

Fuzzy wooly had no hair.

Fuzzy wooly wasn’t fuzzy.

Was he?

Pupils try to answer the questions

Checking up the home task

5 min

The main stage

10 min

6 min


5 min

Home task

1 min


Animals in danger

7 min


New words

Reading and speaking

Work with group

Work with cards

3 min

Work with blackboard

5 min


1 min


What was your home task?

- Learn words upon the theme “Wild animals”

- Revise your home task, you have.

What kind of wild animals you know?

Reade please your conversation?

Now we are going to watch a short video. Jungle City - Saving the world's endangered animals and their habitat.

T. Why animals are in danger?

What animals in danger do you know?

Will you tell us about the animals who are in danger today?

You need divided into three groups. Please, choose the picture, name the animal and find your group. Divided into groups “Tigers. Whales. Elephants.”

Vocabulary: write down these new words and repeat after me.

Hunt – аң аулау Rare - сирек

Hunter –аңшы Extinct - жойылған

Ivory tusk – пілдің тісі Reserve - қорық

Appear – пайда болу Danger - қауіпті

Disappear – жоғалу Species – түр

Threaten – қауіп төндіру

Group 1. People have lived on our planet for many years. They lived and live on different continents in different countries. People depend on their planet, on the sun, on animals and plants around them. Today let's read and speak about some animals on our planet the Earth.

People have hunted and killed many tigers in India and a lot of elephants in Africa. Why?

Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappear­ing. Many of them are in danger.

Tigers and elephants are often dangerous animals. Tigers can kill cows, sheep, other domestic animals and sometimes they can also kill men. Some people are afraid of tigers and kill them to save their domestic animals and their lives. But some peo­ple have often hunted tigers for fun and for their beautiful skin.1 They can easily sell the skin and get a lot of money as the prices2 are high.

Group 2. The result is very sad. There are few Indian tigers left on the Earth now. Many of them are old, sick animals. Most tigers don't hunt people nowadays, but hide from them in deep, dark forests. Or they rather hid there earlier, because there aren't many forests for tigers nowadays. People have cut3 down many trees. And the question is: "Have those animals got a future?" ш

We can ask the same question about African elephants. They are wonderful animals. They can help men. In the 19th centu­ry Africa was full of elephants. But these days there are not many of them except in African parks.

Group 3. This is the sad story of Indian tigers and African elephants. But many less dangerous wild animals and birds are also dis­appearing from the Earth. Modern life is bad for them. The air is not fresh. The water is not clean. They don't often have good things to eat and space to live. You can find their names in the Red Book. You can find the names of some fish there too.

In Red Book there are many animals. They're in danger. We must defend these animals, because they're very rare or extinct. We have in our land 8 reserves. They are: Aksu-Zhabagaly, Almaty, Markhakol, the West Altay, Khorgalzhyn, Nauryzym, Barsakelmes, Ustirt, Alakol.

Of course, our government tries hard to protect animals. We also have a special holiday International Animal Protection Day when the whole world tries to solve this problem.

Semantic map.

T: - Now, I’ll give you semantic map. Your task is to complete it. Tigers. Whales. Elephants














Grammar task. Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets. (1 group)

Hunters _____________ elephants for meat and their ivory tusks for a long time. (to kill)

Pandas _______ bamboo, plants and sometimes fish. (to eat).

Cheetah ____ the fastest animal in the world. (to be)

Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets. (2 group)

Thirty years ago there _________ 100,000 rhinos in Africa. (to be)

Elephants in Africa _____________ now, because they don’t have enough food to eat and space to live. (to die)

Before the War time tigers ________ enough space to live. (to have).

Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets. (3 group)

About 650,000 elephants __________ on the planet. (to live)

Polar bears ______ over 50 percent of their time hunting for food, but less than 2 percent of their hunts are successful. (to spend)

People ____________ tigers since the war. (to hunt)

Are you ready to help animals?

What must we do? What mustn’t we do?

Pupils, let’s make the Code of Ecological Rules for all people of our town.

I think these rules should be placed all over the forest.

- We mustn’t break trees.

- We mustn’t leave litter.

- Keep the country tidy.

- Respect the life and work of the countryside.

- Keep dogs under control.

- Put litter away.

- Grow trees and flowers.

- We mustn’t frighten birds and animals.

- We mustn’t cut wild flowers.

- We mustn’t burn fires.

What did we learn at the lesson?

We play a game named “Snow ball”. Using this word make a sentences.

Kill Fur

Animals Species

Hunt Tiger

Ivory tusk Must

Disappear Mustn’t

Threaten Danger

What did we learn at the lesson?

Do you like this lesson? Well you see that the problem of disappearing animals is very important nowadays. We must really this problem. You must tell about disappearing animals to your friends, parents. And, of course, you must take special care of animals. I hope this lesson was useful for everybody.

To write project about “Animals in danger”

My mark

My partner’s mark

Thank you for the lesson and being active .The lesson is over.!

Good bye!

Pupils should put every picture in correct place to have a right word.

Wolf, tiger, elephant, shark, lion etc.

Elephants, tiger, rhinoceros, orangutan, gavial.

Because people kill animals for their skin, fur and for fun, to make clothes and ornaments, for medicine.


After answering the questions pupils divides into groups

Pupils should to complete the table

To speak and to write

Pupils read, retell find new words in this text.

Describe the animals.

Pupils write

Pupils read

Pupils write. Pupils do some exercises

Work with card

Have been killing





Are dying


3- group.



Have been hunting

Pupils play the role

Pupils write their home task in their dairy


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