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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / The plan of the lesson "Shopping"
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  • Иностранные языки

The plan of the lesson "Shopping"


The plan of the lesson


Grade: 5

Theme: “Shopping ”

The aims of the lesson: Students will able to:

  • Educational- To introduce the new words. Pupils will be able to use How much? and How many?.

  • Developing- To develop children's knowledge in speaking, grammar, writing skills using dialogue and games

  • Bringing-up- To arouse learners' interest to studying English language.

The aids of the lesson: books, interactive board, blackboard.

I. Introduction: Good morning boys and girls! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today? What day is it?

I. Warming-up activities: Let's count from 1 to 2 and so we'll divide into 2 groups. There are many very easy questions from last lessons, you should work on group, answer them one by one and take point.


Where do you live?

What’s your address?

What’s your phone number?

How old are you?

When is your birthday?

Where are you from?

How long have you been learning English?

Why do you want to study English?

Tell me about your family

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Very nice ! Thanks!

So boys and girls we'll today introduce the new words on the theme CLOTHES and learn how to use questions HOW MANY? HOW MUCH?

So let's imagine we are in the clothes' shop. Our shop called MANGO. I'm shop assistant. We've big sale in our shop. We'll work on the group and one group should win it.

Grouping. To divide children into 2 groups using stickers.

RED is the first group

PINK is the second group

II. Following up activities:


There are pictures of clothes on the blackboard.

Clothes [klәuðz]

Pullover [pʋl’əʋvər]

Skirt [skɜ:rt]

Pyjamas [pə’dʒɑ:məz]

Socks [sɒks]

Shoes [ʃu:z]

Jacket [’dʒækɪt]

Shorts [ʃɔ:rts]

Jeans [dʒi:ns]

Dress [dres]

Trousers [’traʋzərz]

Blouse [blaʋs]

T-Shirt [ʃɜ:rt]

Hat [hæt]

Cap [kæp]

Gloves [glʌvs]

Coat [kəʋt]

Scarf [skɑ:rf]

Working with new words. Repeating in chores and individual work. Ok' good. Now let's play.

The first group sleep then I'll take away three pictures from the blackboard and you should find: What clothes are they?

Then the second group sleep and after that the last group. So they should take points.


1)To make dialogue using pictures and these sentences then write down it on your copybooks.

hello_html_38b6bd0a.jpg6hello_html_4faf4bf9.jpg0$ 120$ 80$

How much this skirt cost?

It costs 60$

How many skirts?

Two skirts, please

2)Then you should act out your dialogue and take point to you group.

3) Shopping! Everyone loves shopping, right? Well, maybe not everyone. But everyone has to do it from time to time to buy the necessities of life-like food and clothes. Whether you enjoy shopping and spend a considerable amount of time at it or you hate it and get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible, there are standard expressions that are used.

Look at these examples.

English Expressions

By a Clerk

May (can) I be of assistance?

Yes please, I'm looking for kitchen utensils.

How can (may) I help you?

Could you tell me where children’s wear is?

May I assist you?

No thanks, I’m just browsing.

By a customer

How much are (... the blue jeans)?

They are $39.99.

Could you tell me ( ... the price of that camera)?

Of course, it $249.59

Do you have this in another color?

Yes, it also comes in green, red, and blue.

4)English Dialogue. Students should work together in pairs and read the following dialogue, one student reading one part, the other student reading the other. Note the expressions used in the dialogue and the progression of the conversation.

Connie: Oh look honey, isn’t that a great looking picture?

Vinnie: The one with the ducks? I think it’s ugly.

Connie: Well I think it would look great in the spare bathroom.

Vinnie: Whatever. How much is it?

Connie: Let me see, $75.99.

Vinnie: You’re kidding, right. $75.00 for that!

Connie: So we won’t get them

Vinnie: Don’t you think that duck picture is too big for the bathroom?

Connie: I hate to admit it, but you may be right. But I really like it. And it goes with everything else perfectly.

5)After reading, close your book and tell your partner a summary of the dialogue. Then switch and have your partner tell his or her summary.

6)Start like this: This dialogue is about two People shopping for..This may seem silly, since you both already know what the dialogue is about, but the purpose is to practice using your English, not to give information or test your reading skills.

7)Pair work- discussion

When was the last time you went shopping?

Your partner should ask questions to get more information.

Where did you go

What did you buy

How long did you spend shopping

Who did you go with

Do you like shopping- why or why not


1)Our time is over. Thank you for your work.

Now let’s play Role Play

The situation: At a store

Round of activities:

  1. Home task: your home task will be repeat all passed themes.

  1. Marks and comments: Your marks are;

  1. Brief reference to the next lesson

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