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The power of humor

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Class: 9

The Theme: The Power of Humour

The aims:

The developing aim: to develop pupils’ speaking, writing, listening, reading skills and habits.

To upbringing aim: to increase their interests for science and technology, to help them to be an active in class.

The educational aim: to develop their pronunciation

I. The Organization moment – Greeting.

Talking with the students:

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

Let's begin our lesson.

Today is ……. It is …….

II. Checking up home task:

How old do you have to be?

  • To vote (when we’re 18)

  • To go to the disco (when we’re 16)

  • To drive a car (when we’re 18)

  • To get a tattoo

  • To have a bank account (when we’re 21)

  • To get married (when we’re 18-22)

III. New lesson

  1. Today we have very interesting text which calls “The Power of Humour.”

An old saying goes “laughter is the best medicine” and doctors have found that its really true. They don’t know why, but laughter is good for our heart, our blood circulation, and our immune system. So the next time your feeling stressed about your school work, you know what you have to do, try to laugh a lot, develop a sense of humour and watch funny films.

  1. Vocabulary.

Heart -жүрек

Humour -юмор

To laugh -күлу

To make funny sculptures

Jokes - әзілдер

To watch funny films –қызықтыфильмдеркөру

Silly things

2.Listen to the text, then read it and mark the statements T (true) or F (false).

1. Doctors think that laughing has no effect on health. (F)

  1. Red Nose Day is celebrated in England every spring. (F)

  2. People have celebrated RND for more than 40 years. (F)

  3. Comic Relief collects money to help poor people. (T)

  4. Some people in England have put big red noses on the fronts of cars and houses. (F)

3.Grammar – Present Perfect Simple. HAVE\HAS+V(3) or (Past Participle)

Look at the table, read long and short forms of the sentences, translate them and write them down on your notebooks.

Long form

1. She has cleaned the house.

2. We have not worked hard.

3. I have visited them several times.

4. She has not finished yet.

5. They have talked to him.

Short form

1. She’s cleaned the house.

2. We haven’t worked hard.

3. I’ve visited them several times.

4. She hasn’t finished yet.

5. They’ve talked to him.

4.Look at the slide and try to understand the uses of for and since:

5.Ex: 2d.p.47. usingoffor and since. Write the words in two columns (don’t forget your lists):


A week

Two years

An hour

A month

A long time







I was 11

Last weekend

  1. Consolidation of new material:

I divide the class in two groups. Let’s choose one of the circles. The names of the groups are “SUN” and “FLOWER”. You have to make a petal for each correct answer and make a flower.

What has happened in your village (a game). Look at the pictures. I have 16 sentences here. You have to choose correct answer and earn points for each answer and make your flower.

Three mice have written three letters.

I have read bad news.

Granny has fed her chickens.

Father has lost his glasses.

Harris has just arrived.

Aunt Mary has left.

Mr. Canon had taken ten photos.

Mrs. Henhas washed a shirt.

Mr. Jackson has stolen the cockerel.

Mrs. White has seen a ghost.

Mr. Wilson has just drunk his coffee.

The bear has taken honey from the bees.

Mr. Paint has just begun painting the door.

Mr. Walters has smoked five cigarettes.

Mr. Stock has just brought a baby.

Mr. Brown has frightened three birds.

Let’s look at our flowers. Great! Beautiful flowers. We have the word SUNFLOWER which is the name of flower. We are friends and we have a friendship. I think the winner of today is laugh and good feeling.

III. The Ending of the lesson.

  1. Conclusion.

  2. Home task: ex: 1c.p.46. read the text.

ex: 2f.p.47. (w.f.)

  1. Marking.

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