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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / The Theme: "English is fun"
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  • Иностранные языки

The Theme: "English is fun"


hello_html_m4c44c5b9.gifhello_html_m746c2728.gifhello_html_73b3c3a0.gifDate: Grade: Theme: English is fun.


Сөйлеу қабілетін дамыту, оқушылардың сөздік қорын молайта отырып топтық таныстырылым арқылы сыни ойлауын қалыптастыру.

Оқу нәтижесі

Тақырып бойынша ойларын еркін жеткізе алады. Сұрақтарға нақты жауап бере отырып, сөйлеу қабілеттері дамиды. Топта ынтымақтаса жұмыс жасауға дағдыланады.


Teacher’s action



Organization moment

Good morning dear pupils, teachers and guests! We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game.

Welcome to our competition " Learning English is fun”! The pupils of 7 th forms take part in this lesson

Board, pictures

Physical training

«Шаттық шеңберінде» бір біріне жақсы тілектер тілейді.

My name is …..

I wish you …..

Warm up

Listen and repeat a tongue –twister :

1. Pat’s black cat is in Pat’s black hat.

2.A cup of nice coffee in a nice coffee cup.

3.Snow is so snowy when it is snowing.



Preparation for the theme

Nоw divide into 3groups . 1group: “Enjoy English”. 2group : “Happy English”. 3group : “Sunny English”

Негізгі бөлім



Answer the question


Ok. I give you a pictures your make a task.


1group: Make a dialogue (The Theme: “Happy Birthday!”)

2group: Write an essay (The Theme: “Seasons”)

3group: Make up a poster. Association (The Theme: “Disneyland.”)

Үш шапалақ Сиқырлы таяқша

2Task:Хат. Grammar tasks.  Good for you! I see you are good at …. Are you good at grammar? Let’s us see. Now grammar quiz..

Grammar.     To be (am/is/are) 

1.I … a pupil. 

2.You … from England.

3.My dad … tall and strong.

4. This dog .. fat.

5.Pete and Bob … students. 

Correct the sentences (he, she)

1.This is my sister. …. name’s Carol.

2.This is my aunt. … name’s Mary.

3.This is my cousin. …. name’s Andy.

4.This is my grandmother. … name’s Ann.

5.This is my father. …. name’s David.     

       Correct the mistakes in the sentences

1. Ann and Mike is friends.                                   

2. We English are.

3. What colour the pencils are?

4. You can play basketball?

5. There are a horse and 2 pigs in the yard.

Key :1.Ann and Mike are friends. 2 We are English

Фигуралар арқылы бағалау

Plays the recording. Listening, sing and dancing. “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”

3Task: Сиқырлы қоржын: “Do you know?” answer the questions:

1st group: 1.It is running night and day but it never runs away. (A clock, час, сағат)

2. I have four legs, but I can’t walk.        (a chair)

3. I’m tall and green, I’m in the garden.  (a tree)

4. It doesn’t have legs, but it goes.     (a watch)

5.What has legs but cannon run? (a chair,стул, орындық )

6.The little old man who has 12 children. (a year, )

7. Im big. Im grey.   My nose is long.    My tail is short.   I’m an …. (elephant)

2 nd group: 1. The room in a house or restaurant where food is prepared to eat.  (a kitchen, кухня, ас үй
2.  It doesn’t have legs, but it jumps.     (a ball)

3.  Two brothers, but they don’t see each other.  (eyes)
4) I’m little. I’m grey.   My nose is short.   My tail is long.   I’m a …. (mouse)

5) I’m small. I’m white.My nose is black. My ears are long. I like carrots.I’m a …. (rabbit, hare)

6. A place with grass and flowers. (a garden, сад, баубақша
7. A wild animal that looks like a large dog. (a wolf,
волк, қасқыр

3 rd  group: 1.  It is white and cold and sweet. All children like it.   (ice-cream)

2.  It is not a man, it is not a woman, but it teaches us.   (a book)

3.  It gives us milk and butter two. It’s very kind and likes to moor.(a cow)

4) Children like me, because I’m funny.I can do a lot of things like people. (monkey)

6). Very cold rain which is soft and white.  (a snow, снег, қар)

7) I am your friend. I say “Bow-wow-wow!” (dog)

Бармақ арқылы бағалауртамашарорташартөмен.

4Task: “Magic5”

And now we come to the 2nd contest which is called “A magic 5”. Look at the square, each team will take turns in answering questions. You’ll choose any number. “ …”, it’s your turn to start.

1        2        3        4    10

5        6        7        8     9

1 Say or sing the English poem

2 Name 5 colours.

3 Name 5 school subjects.

4 Name 5 sports.

5 Name 5 professions.

6 Name 5 things that people wear.

7 Name 5 animals.

8 Name 5 school materials

9 Name 5 girls name

10 Name 5 vegetables

Board, pictures, cards



Қорытынды бөлім



Смайликтер арқылы бағалау

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJoKAYsgu3ZxbUywIfZJf5Qa8rolESN1vxYQSZNeiPVkmynTRsөте жақсы https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQn42jyAktkzfzKbE1ta56wP3sn3kf9TRllxSmP1Yw6PGMD3q9V орташа https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3jOo_GKacNVyeMLLwEWnR-JqBXBMH0GSTxPIr7bAcL4i3h9Xcмәлімет аз

«Көңіл күй букеті» арқылы кері байланыс орнатылады.

Көк гүл-сабақ ұнамады.

Қызыл гүл- сабақ өте ұнады.

Көңіл күй букеті.

Құмыра және гүлдер.

The end of the lesson

I think you are all understand. You are cleaver. I’m glad with you. The lesson is over. You may be free.

-Good bye!

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