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The theme of the lesson: "Health. Memory" 9 grade

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«Checked up»

Deputy of study:


Level: 9 grade

Theme: Module 2. Health. Memory

1)Repeat the studied and new vocabulary.

2) Help pupils to form the healthy way of life.

3) Teach pupils to work in pairs and groups.

Learning to talk about parts of the body.

To develop students’ critical thinking, their abilities to work in groups, self assessment.

Parts of the lesson



Teacher’s action of management

Cognitive action of students

Visual aids, resources


І part

1. Organization moment: greeting the students.

2.Dividing the class into groups.

1.Good morning! How are you?

Find as many parts of the body as possible:


-Morning! We are fine!

Group: “Present Simple”, “Past Simple” and “Present Perfect Simple”

Speak words with translations.

book, stick papers

Presentation of the lesson

ІІ part.

Talking about them.

- Write questions about you on the poster.

Ex. 9 p. 12 Pair work. Look at these things you can do to your body. Work with your partner and underline the wrong answer in each. Translate and write down the new words.

Ex. 10 Give your partner some instructions and see if he/she can follow them. Eg.: Close your eyes! …

Ex. 11 Listen to three people talking about what happened to them when they were young. Draw a table in your notebooks and fill it.

Listen to them again and check your answers.

Ex. 13 Group work. Divide into groups of 4. Tell the partners in your group about a part of your body, what happened to it and what the result was. Fill in the table as in ex. 11.

Ex. 14 p. 13 Fill in the gaps in the following idioms with a suitable part of the body. Use the words in the box.

Make association and answer the questions.


Main part

ІІІ part

General Knowledge Quiz

Explains the method

To hurt, to stretch, to fold, to scratch, to shake, to bend,  to raise, to shut, to hurt, ankle, wrist.


Work with questions.

Search answers on the net using the mobile.



ІУ part


Explain the rule of the grammar.

1st group: Present Simple, Continuous, Passive.

2nd group: Past Simple, Continuous, Passive.

3rd group: Present Perfect Simple, Continuous.

Do exercise 4.



У part

Concluding the lesson.

Explain the method.

Correct the information.

English book, mobile.


1 мин

УІ part

Evaluating by criteria of assessment.

Puts summative assessment.

-Give each other smiles and say their opinions. -The leader student evaluates the group.

Home assignment

1 мин

УІІ part

Answer the questions.

Explains homework.

Ex. 24 p.49

Write on a diary.


Reflection of the lesson

1 мин

2 stars, 1 offer.

I like ……………
It seems ……………

During a lesson ……
My mood was ………
Methods of the lesson....................


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