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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / The theme of the lesson: "How long?" 9 grade
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The theme of the lesson: "How long?" 9 grade


«Checked up»

Deputy of study:


Level: 9th grade

Theme: How long ?

Learning to talk about them. To develop students’ critical thinking, their abilities to work in groups, self assessment.

Parts of the lesson



Teacher’s action of management

Cognitive action of students

Visual aids, resources


7 мин

І part

1. Organization moment: greeting the students.

1.Good morning! How are you?

2.Let’s have some new words about health

the upper front part of the body. (chest)

one of the two organs of breathing in the chest of a man or animals. (lung)

to force air from the lungs with a sudden sharp sound. (cough)

to put a hand or other part of the body on or against something (touch)

the physical state of a person (health)

the front of the neck. (throat)

to move food or drink down the throat from the mouth into the stomach. (swallow)

to advise what medicine to take. (to prescribe)

A feeling of being hurt (pain)

-Morning! We are fine!

Group: “Present Simple”, “Past Simple” and “Present Perfect Simple”

Talk about him\her.

book, stick papers

Presentation of the lesson

5 мин

ІІ part.

Pair works.

To go to the dentist

To call a doctor

To go to bed

To take some medicine

To have a walk outdoors

To drink warm milk (with honey and butter)

Answer with their partners.


Main part

10 мин

ІІІ part


Present Perfect Continuous

Explains the method

I have been studying in England

Prepare some interesting and unusual questions and ask them to other groups.


2 мин

Physical minute

10 мин

ІУ part

Individual work

-Smoking is one of the most common addictions. Smokers usually deceive themselves saying that smoking is not dangerous. But statistics of diseases and death speak otherwise.

The smoke they breath have harmful substances, nicotine and ammonia.

Young people think they look more attracting when holding a cigarette.

How to stop smoking? Governments and authorities do little to diminish the number of smokers. They receive much money from the tax on cigarettes and tobacco.

How can we stop smoking?

The best way is never to start. But if there is such a habit already, we must be strong to stop it.

Write as many activities as possible they associate with summer holidays.



8 мин

У part

Concluding the lesson.

-Walk around the class to find classmates who use these activities (you can use your own activities).

Find and make a report.

sheet and pen


1 мин

УІ part

Evaluating by criteria of assessment.

Puts summative assessment.

-Give each other smiles and say their opinions. -The leader student evaluates the group.

Home assignment

1 мин

УІІ part

Ex 6, 8 p.16-17

Explains homework.

Write on a diary.


Reflection of the lesson

1 мин

2 stars, 1 offer.

I like ……………
It seems ……………

During a lesson ……
My mood was ………
Methods of the lesson....................


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