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The theme of the lesson: Planets.

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The theme of the lesson: Planets.


The aims of the lesson: Educational;to enrich pupils knowledge about planets,cosmonouts and galaxy, to introduce the new words.

Developing: to develop their speaking,reading and writing skills. To develop their abilities in reading for understanding.

Bringing up; to enlarge their interest in learning foreinglanguage and night sky.

Type of the lesson;Intruction of the new material.

Methods; question-answer,test questions,work with cards,sing a song,solve the puzzle,work with the activity book, individual work.

Visual aids: a book, an activity book,pictures and CD player.

Stage of the lesson:

1 Organisation moment.

2 Сheking up the home task.

3 Presentation.

oncluding stage.

1 Organisation moment.


-Asking about day, date, the weather and absent pupils.

T: dear children, today we have guests in our lesson from other schools.They want to know about our knowledge in English.

So, our task is to speak,to ask, to answer the questions, sing the song and to do a lot of works.As you see, we are going to have an interesting lesson today.

2 Сheking up the home task.

T: What was your home task?

P; Our hometask was Ex;3a to write.

T; Are you ready?

P: Yes, we are.

T: a)If you ready, look at the blackboard of these spaceships and tell me are the sentences true or false.


b)Work with cards.Answer the questions.

1 Which spaceship is the longest?

2 Which spaceship is the fastest?

3Which spaceship is the oldest?

4 Which spaceship is the most powerful?

5 Which spaceship is the most modern?

c)Let us complete the puzzle “Teleporter»


1 Talk in a very loud voice

2 You do this every morning

3 All the stars and planets together

4 Everything that exists

5 Earth is one of these

6 Very strong

7 What I do? (to throw a ball)

8 You can see it in this box(the box is empty)

9 How do you say’’осы шақ’’in English

10 Have power over something

3 Presentation.

a) Explaining the theme of the lesson and stat the aims together with pupils.

At the biginning of the new lesson I want you to solve the next puzzle;


T: What is the word in the stars?

P: The word is “Planets”


T: That is right,thank you.As you see our new theme of the lesson is “Planets’’.

Wellcome to the night sky! Today we will learn about the planets in our galaxy and about the other things we see in the night sky,such as stars,comets and meteors.

There are a lot of stars in the galaxy.They are suns millions of km.away.Stars are made of burning gas.Stars twinkle.Our galaxy is called the Milky Way.Sometimes, the sky looks like milk.


This is a comet.A comet is ice and dust.When it goes near the sun,it makes a tail.


This is the moon.The moon is dead.There is no air on the moon.At night it is very cold.In the day ,it is very hot.


- Dear children,do you know how many planets are there?

- There are eight planets.Mercury, Mars, Saturn, the Earth,Jupiter, Neptunе

- That is right and they are around the sun.

Nearest to us is Mars,smallest planet in the galaxy is Mercury.Biggest planet in the galaxy is Jupiter.

B) Well,open your copy books and write the new words.


C) If you finish your work,we will do Ex:1a,answer the test questions.


Ex;1b listen to Professor Know It All and check your answers.(CD player)

Ex:2 listen to Professor Know It All agane and write down the names of the planets.


There are some spacestations in the world.One of these in our Kazakhstan.

It is Baikonur Cosmodrom.


Let us read Ex:3a.

P1:In 1966,Cosmos 110 took two dogs into space.The dogs were in orbit around the Earth for 22days.Scientists did the tests on the dogs.They wanted to understand how people can live in space.


P2: In 1961,Vostok 1 took the first man into space,Juri Gagarin,this space craft made one orbit of the Earth.Juri came back to Earth by parachute!


T: In the 12 th of April we celebrate the day of astronouts.

The first woman astronout in the world is V.Tereshkova.She went up into space in 1963.


Our first astronout is T.Aubakirov.He was in space 7 days,22 hours,12 minutes.It was in 1991.

T.Musabaev is our astronout,too.He was in space three times in his life (1994,1998,2001).


d) Let us sing the song “I want to travel the world”.

e) T: Our next work is work with activity book.Open your activity book at page 22 Ex:1 .Do you believe in flying saucers?

Many people believe that there is life on other planets.Sometimes,people see strange things in the sky and they call them “flying saucers’’ or UFOs.


F) Individual work




h) Answer the questions:

1 How many planets are there?

2 Which is the nearest planets to us?

3 Who is the first astronout in the world?

4 When did the first person go into space?

4. Concluding stage

a) Evaluation

You were very active on this lesson, thank you.

b)Giving home work:Ex:4, Ex:1 to read.

The lesson is over, you are free. Good-bye.

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