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The theme of the lesson: The mood

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Date: 20.01.2016

Grade: 2

The theme of the lesson: The mood

Сабақтың тақырыбы

The aim of the lesson:

Сабақтың мақсаты

  1. Educational(білімдік): To give new information about the new lexical material, reviewing pass grammar material.(Өткен грамматиканы қайталай отырып,жаңа сабақты түсіндіру)

b) developing(дамытушылық): To develop memory, logical thinking and developing creative work with new technology, to provide an opportunity of free speaking.(Жаңа технологияны қолдана отырып және оқушыларды еркін сөйлету арқылы олардың есте сақтау қабілетін,логикалық ойлау қабілетін және шығармашылық қабілеттерін дамыту)

c) bringing up(тәрбиелік): To make an interest to the subject, to teach to work creatively, in group(пәнге қызығушылығын арттырып, шығармашыл болуға тәрбиелеу ).

Type of the lesson: learning by level

Aids of the lesson: Cards with sentences, pictures ,interactive board

The form of the lesson: Work in pairs, in groups

Connection with other subjects: Kazakh language, Maths, Music, art

Outline of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.(3 min)

- Good afternoon, children!

- How are you?

- Who is on duty today?

- What date is it today?

- What day is it today?

- Who is absent?

- Ok! Let’s begin our lesson!

II. Asking homework.(3 min)

-What was your home task?

Let’s check it!

-Our home work was to learn the words

III. New material.(10 min)

Open your copy-books and write down the date.

Today’s our new theme is “The mood”. When we speak about the mood, first we use adjectives and nouns. Children, let’s repeat after me “sad”, it means “қайғылы,мұңды”, “happy - бақытты ”, “ hungry- ашығу”, “cold- суық“, “thirsty- шөлдеу”, “scared-қорқыныш”, “hot-ыстық”, tired-.шаршау”.

Then we should read the text at page 34 ex 5. I’m scared. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m cold. I’m hot. I’m happy. I’m thirsty. I’m sad.

Let’s children give me examples, please. O’K, who wants…

New words:

Sad - қайғылы,мұңды

happy - бақытты

hungry- ашығу

cold- суық

thirsty- шөлдеу




Write down the new words, please (3 min)

- At first, we will do several task from your Activity books, So, open the books on page 30, exercise 4. You must find, circle and write the words. Answers: hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, scared, tired, happy, sad (3 min)

V. Practice.

Drill exercises:

Now we will do drill exercise. Let’s begin!( 3 min )

Clap clap clap you hands

clap you hands together

Stamp stamp stamp your feet

stamp your feet together

Turn turn turn around

turn around together

jump jump jump up high

jump up high together

We shall play a game

  1. (III level-деңгей) Now we will play competition game and I divided the class into three groups, in each group has captain commands. They are: Kudiret, Fariza, Tansholpan. Lets begin our competition!

Collecting apples.(5 min)

As you see the apples on the blackboard, back of the apples there are some questions, and you must answer the questions. Who answers for many questions, and collect many apples, he/she will be a winner of the game. Let’s begin!

What does it mean the word “сөмке?

What does it mean the word “үй?

What does it mean the word “ит?

What does the word translate “парта?

What does the word translate “орындық?

What colours do you know?

  1. Mimic game. (II level- деңгей) (4 min)

As you see there are cards on the desk, there are smileys on the cards and you must show it by mimic, but you must not say it’s name, others must find what is it. Let’s do!

  1. To make sentences. (I level - деңгей) (7 min)

There are pictures in the slide. You should make sentences from the pictures. You must say their feelings. Who makes many sentences, he/she will be a winner of the game. Let’s begin our game!

VI. Homework: (2 min)

Your homework is ex. 5. On pg 31 (AB)

VII. Giving marks. (2 min)

I’ll give you excellent marks because you were active the whole lesson. Thank you for your done action. Good bye, children!

Observation lesson

The theme: The mood

Teacher of English language: Unemuratova K

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