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The USA and Kazakhstan

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The USA and Kazakhstan

The theme of the lesson: The USA and Kazakhstan
- to teach pupils to speak about the USA and Kazakhstan;
- to develop the speech habits of pupils; to get information and facts from the history of the USA and Kazakhstan to be more friendly, to develop the friendship between the countries;
- to educate pupils to love our motherland.

Visual aids: the map of the USA and Kazakhstan, symbols, an interactive board, slides and pictures.

The plan of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.
a) greeting
b) conversation with the duty.
II. The check - up of homework
III. The introduction of the new theme.

Teacher: Children, today we will speak about the USA and Kazakhstan. At the first I shall to you information about Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is one of the largest country of the world. The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the Central Asia. The area of Kazakhstan is 2, 7 mill. sq. kms. There are 17 million
people live in Kazakhstan. The Irtysh, the Syr - Daria, the Ural, the Zaisan, the Balkash are Kazakhstan rivers. The climate of the country is strongly continental. Kazakhstan has well - developed heavy industry in many cities and towns. The first President of Kazakhstan is Nursultan Nazarbayev. Each country has its national flag, anthem and its own tradition and custom. The colour of the flag is blue. You can see the Eagle - the symbol of freedom under the sun. There is a traditional Kazakh ornament on the left.
And now let’s talk about the USA. The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. It is washed by Pacific Ocean in the west, by the Caribean sea and the Gulf of Mexico in the South. In the North are Great Laves. The area of the USA is over 9 million square kms. The population of the USA is more than 236 million people. The capital of the USA is Washington. The main cities are: New York, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, San - Francisco and etc. The USA is a young country.

“Group” Strategy
I am writing a word “symbols” on an interactive board and then the pupils writing names symbols of Kazakhstan and the USA.

Kazakhstan is the largest and friendly country.
Symbols: Eagle, 1996, blue, Monument of Baiterek, the capital Astana, Day of Independence.

The USA is great and powerful country.
Symbols: 1776, 50 states, eagle, France, 1783, Friendship, flag, red, blue. the Statue of Liberty.

Read the text USA and Kazakhstan.

Teacher: Children, at now let’s compare two countries.

Strategy “Vienna diagram”.

Kazakhstan: The large country, 2, 7 mln. square klm., first President
N. Nazarbayev, the colour of the flag is blue.

The USA: The large country, first President G. Washington, there are
3 colours on the flag: red, white, blue. The Statue of Liberty.
Both: The largest country, population, capital, President.

Work with text.(answer the questions)

“Cubism” strategy
1. How many people of Kazakhstan?
2. Say the names symbols of Kazakhstan.
3. Who writes national anthem of Kazakhstan?
4. When is the Statue of Liberty was put up in?
5. Which is the biggest state of the USA?
6. Who is the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty?

Home task is: to write report “Kazakhstan is my motherland.”
(I group)
“The USA”.(II group)

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