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Текст для подготовки к говорению на тему "Eating Habits"



1. It is not a secret that our meals influence our mood.

2. Also it is very important for our health.

3. Every single person should eat proper kinds of food – dairy products, meats, fruit and vegetables, fats and sugars,
cereals and grains.

4. Dairy products provide us with calcium, meat provide our bodies with protein, iron, zinc.

5. Eating fruit and vegetables helps to keep us healthy too because they give us fibre, vitamins and minerals.

6. We should eat fats and sugars in moderation, because too much fats and sugars can cause different heart-diseases. 7. Cereals and grains are important for us because they provide us with the energy we need for physical activity.
In this fast-moving world it is necessary to watch what we eat – it should be healthy food, not junk one, which has become very popular.
9. Eating too much junk food can cause overweight and a heart-disease.

10. For example, it is much better to eat an apple or a banana than to eat a double hamburger with ketchup and mayonnaise.

11. You will feel full in both cases, but a fruit or a vegetable is healthier.
12. Today there are a lot of different restaurants and cafes where you can eat delicious and not really expensive food. 13. The service is usually excellent and friendly waiters help you to relax and enjoy your meal fully.

14. You can try any types of food in restaurants – you can try homemade cakes, beefsteaks, pasta and macaroni and others.

15. For a main course you can order fish, meat or chicken with some rice or potatoes, also you can ask for pasta and salad.

16. You can eat a bowl of ice-cream, a piece of an apple pie, strawberries with cream or something like that for dessert.
For drink you can order a glass of water or juice, a cup of coffee or tea or other drink such as milkshake, stewed fruit or kissel.
Eating habits are different in different countries.

19. For example, Brazilians never eat with their hands – they always use a knife and a fork, even when they eat hotdogs.

20. Finns like eating hot sausages and drink beer in the streets; many Philipinos prefer eating with their

21. Also they think that it is polite to leave a little food on the plate at the end of a meal.
Well, as for me I do respect their eating habits and like eating different countries’ food such as Italian Pasta, Japanese rice with sushi or Indian spicy meat.

23. But most of all I like just ice-cream.

24. It doesn’t matter what kind – with raspberry favor, with marmalade, chocolate chips or pieces of fruit.

25. I can eat it anytime and anywhere.
But anyways whatever you like you should remember words of wisdom which say that we eat to live, but not live to eat.

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