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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Текст годовой контрольной работы для 7 класса, вариант 2 (УМК "Английский в фокусе")

Текст годовой контрольной работы для 7 класса, вариант 2 (УМК "Английский в фокусе")

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Exit Test. Form 7.

Variant 2


Listen to a text. As you listen, answer the questions.

e.g. Why was Joyce’s family poor? Because the father was a failed businessman.

1. Who was Joyce taught by? ________________________________________________________

2. Where did he go after finishing secondary school? _____________________________________

3. Where do two of his novels take place? ______________________________________________

4. When did Joyce first travel abroad? _________________________________________________

5. What jobs did Joyce do? __________________________________________________________


Match the titles (1-5) to the texts (A-D). There is one extra title.

1. Beautiful Nature

2. Unpredictable Weather

3. Best Time to Visit

4. Active Adventure

5. Off the Shores

A. The Lake District is situated in the north of England. It's the largest national park in the country. People come here to see the greenest countryside and most stunning views. The Lake District has everything you may want: picturesque lakes, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and forests. As soon as you see it you will understand why it inspired so many poets and writers.

B. There is a good choice of activities in the Lake District. If you think that just walking is boring, you may try out something more risky, like mountain biking, kite surfing, horseriding, kayaking - the Lake District has all these and even more! The National Park is popular for rock climbing, cycling and water sports, too.

C. Lake Windermere is the largest lake in the National Park. Visitors can take a day trip on board of a ship and enjoy the beauty of the Lake District from the water. Tours may last from 45 minutes to 3 hours - or you can even spend all day on and around the lake and have lunch on board. But you should choose a sunny day for that.

D. Weather in the Lake District can change quickly. The morning may be warm and sunny. It will turn into a rainy afternoon and then a nice warm evening. Local people say they can have four seasons in one day! They advise to carry an umbrella all the time, because rain may start at practically anytime of the day.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Choose the correct item.

1. The book....... is on the table is mine.

A whose В which С who

2. He works …… than others.

A carefully B more carefully C carefulliest

3. I.......never… there before. But I’d like to.

A was В 've been С be

4. I’ve got …. milk in the fridge.

A any B few C some

5. This book is quite........

A interested В interesting С interest

6. - What’s the matter with you? – I…… my hand.

A burnt B have burnt C burned

7. I have been playing the guitar ….. my childhood.

A ago B since C for

8. They painted the room by …..

A themselves B themself C theyselves

9. You.......speak loudly in the library. It's not allowed!

A mustn't В must С should

10. The bus....... at 5 this evening.

A is leaving В left С leaves

11. It’s cold in here. I ….. the window.

A am going to close B will close C close

12. If you don’t call him, he ….. upset.

A will be B be C is

13. He didn’t go to school yesterday, …..

A did he B didn’t he C doesn’t he

14. I ….. my homework when the telephone rang.

A did B was doing C do

15. She …… breakfast at the moment.

A has B had C is having

Fill in the gaps with the following words

souvenir sore fizzy poisons sprained science fiction match chatting record button

16. I love …. with my friends.

17. The athlete broke the world…. for the 100 m race.

18. Press the …. and the light comes on.

19. I hate …. shopping while on holiday.

20. Star Wars is a classic ….. film.

21. Acid rain ….. trees and plants.

22. ….. drinks are unhealthy.

23. That shirt doesn’t ….. your jacket.

24. What’s the matter? – I ‘ve …. my wrist.

25. If you have a … throat, drink some hot tea with honey.

Choose the correct response.

26. This book is boring, isn't it? a Yes, I agree. b I like the idea.

27. Do you like watching comedies? a I love it. b I agree.

28. What is he like? a He is tall. b He's sociable and friendly.

29. Thanks for inviting me. a I'm glad you enjoyed it. b Not a lot really.

30 Can we watch the football match? a I've got some good news. b Oh, no. Not that!

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