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Текст к презентации "О Калмыкии с любовью"

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Материал к презентации To Kalmykia with love

It’s great pleasure to tell you about Kalmykia, my native republic. The motto of my presentation is “To Kalmykia with love”.

Слайд 1 (карта Калмыкии)

Our republic is situated in the south of the European part of Russia, between the Volga and the Don rivers. We have borders with Rostov in the west, Volgograd in the north, Astrakhan in the east, Stavropol and Dagestan in the south. Kalmykia has an access to the Caspian Sea and the Volga. The population of Kalmykia is about 287 thousand people. Many different nationalities live peacefully in our republic (Kalmyks, Russians, Ukrains, Tatars, Koreans, Kazakhs and people of different nationalities from Caucausas). About thirty nations live in Kalmykia. They all speak Russian, but every ethnic group has its own language and culture.

Слайд 2 (пустыни)

Our region is situated in the steppe, semi-desert and desert zones and occupies the territory of total 74,7 thousand square km. Most of the territory lies in vast steppe. The scenery of Kalmykia isn’t diverse. There are no large rivers and high mountains.

Слайд 3 (степь весной)

Especially in spring our steppe is very beautiful. A lot of tulips and flowers blossom every year.

Слайд 4 (Elista – the capital

The capital of Kalmykia, Elista, is the political, industrial and cultural centre. It was founded in 1865. Its history is rich and interesting. Elista is a quiet and beautiful town with national features. Lots of interesting places are worth visiting in it. There are many fascinating monuments, sculptures of Russian and Kalmyk sculptors. The symbol of Kalmykia is the flower of lotus.

Слайд 5 (Храм Шакьямуни)

Kalmyks are the only Buddhists in Europe. Our official religion is Buddhism. We follow our Buddhist leader’s Dalai Lama’s saying: “The most important thing is to be kind in you, heart, to wish goodness and happiness to all creatures in the world.” The reflection of our religion is a magnificent, charming Buddhist temple, which was opened in Elista. It is one of the biggest temples in Europe. The grand opening of this new Buddhist centre attracted Buddhists not only from Kalmykia but from the whole world. It symbolizes peace, consent and prosperity for all-beings.

The main characteristics of Kalmyk people are compassion, hospitality, respect for people any race.

Слайд 6

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