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Текст к презентации по английскому языку "Yulia Lipnitskaya"

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After all, if the stars are lit- therefore, that someone needs”

Vladimir Vysotsky

A little but a very bright star was lit in the horizon of Russian sport in 2014. So, the name of this star is Yulia Lipnitskaya.

Yulia Lipnitskaya is a world famous skater. She was born on the 5th of July, in 1998, in Ekaterinburg.

She was a simple girl. When she was 4 Yulia wore skates and made the first step (slip). And all began from this moment.

The little girl trained every day with the help of her trainers Elena Levkovets and Marina Voitsehovitch. Yulia was a very good skater. She did everything with a great interest and she hold out great hopes.

So in March, in 2009 Yulia had to leave Ekaterinburg because of lack of opportunities for professional growth. They moved to Moscow. (Now she lives there).

To be a star means you have to train every time. It is impossible without a mentor. Such person for Yulia is Eteri Tutberidze. Under her leadership Yulia started to take part in different competitions.

Yulia has a very good stretch and she can easily do all elements.

Yulia has won gold medals in Poland, Italy, Finland and Russia, silver medals in China and Japan

But the most important victory for Yulia was the European championship in 2014. She has got the “ticket” to the Olympic Games.

Yulia has became a real star in Sochi on 9 February. The next day, the Times magazine posted her photograph on the cover, and Vladimir Putin has awarded her the title of master of sports.

As her private life, Yulia does not go to school. She studies at home.

Besides figure skating Julia is fond of horse riding, doing crossword puzzles, drawing. However, because of training she doesn’t have free time for hobbies.

Yulia has a dream to buy a house for her family. Her mum is always with her in all competitions and she supports Yulia in everything. They are together, when Yulia wins and when there are small losses. As Yulia says, “My mother is the most important and the main person for me”.

Yulia Lipnitsky is a real example to follow, because she is so little, but already big. At such young age, she has developed an incredible willpower, patience and great love to her dream came true.

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