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Текст к презентации "Russia"

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  2. Russia has the biggest area in the World - it occupies 1/8th part of the land. It’s marked with orange on our map.

  3. Here you can see the area of Russia compared with total Europe and America area. Let’s see how big it is.

  1. When you travel by train from the West to the East of Russia it takes you 7 days to cross it. This famous way is called Trans Siberian Railway. To learn Russia properly each tourist needs to make this trip! If we fly by plane it takes us 10 hours to reach Vladivostok from Moscow. The area of Russia is situated both in the Eastern and Western parts of the continent- the Caucasus Mountains divide East and West. You see that 2/3rds of Russia is Asia and only 1/3rd can be called Europe. And do you see this blue point down the Siberian area? It is the biggest lake in the World- Baikal Lake- it has the biggest storage of sweet water!

  1. Russia history can be divided into 3 parts- Tsarist (ancient and medieval times), Soviet (20-th century) and Modern (21-st century).

  1. What do we know about Tsarist times? Our religion- Orthodox Christianity came from tsarist Russia. All those beautiful churches with onion- shaped tops and amazing decorations, the old- style icons and service traditions are the part of modern life.

  1. And of course the symbol of Old Russia- Matreshka! It is a wooden dolls packed one inside each other. It is a symbol of maternity and many centuries ago children used to play this toy and to like it!

  1. And what about Russian cuisine? Russian people are famous to be very hospitable- they always put the best foods on the table to surprise and welcome guests. On the first we have a nice warm soup of the red color made of beetroot. On the second we have blini (pancakes) and pelmeni (meat wrapped balls) and of course the red caviar which is delicates and a very expensive dish! As for drinks everyone knows that vodka is a Russian hot alcohol but don’t believe that all Russians drink it!

  1. In the end of our long winter we have a unique day. It is called PANCAKES DAY when we celebrate the spring coming soon and welcome it with all the traditional food! We all gather on the big central square and play games, sing songs and eat pancakes, borsch and pelmeni.

  1. The Soviet period started in the 20-th century. The famous Communistic leaders- Lenin and Stalin changed the country very much. It became the military power in the World. The red color was everywhere- on the buildings, on the flags, on the uniform. It was the symbol of fight and victory. Even pupils wore their uniform and had the red ties- they were called pioneers. In our school we have the museum where the uniform is exhibited and you can see it!

  1. Progress was a feature of Communism Era. And the high sport results were the achieved by Russian sportsmen! We were especially good in winter sports- ice hockey, ice skating, skiing! By now those sports are so popular! Even in Yaroslavl we have the hockey team LOKOMOTIV which used to win the Russia championship! Also we have the Ice Palace where you can skate and if you want we can go there one day!

  1. On this picture you can see the idol of Communism Era- the first man in cosmos, Yuriy Gagarin! His face knows everyone! Also Russian ballet is very good! We advice you to see it one day- even here in Yaroslavl in Volkov Theater sometimes you can see the ballet performance!

  1. And what about modern Russia? It changed a lot and now it is so different from the Soviet Union! Now it is a part of both Europe and Asia and also is very special. Of course you know that Russia is a very rich country- it is rich with natural resources- oil, gas, sweet water, forest, coal and iron! The government has the money by selling those resources! Moscow is our capital and 90% of all the money is there. Now you can understand why this city is one of the richest of the World. In the center of Moscow the cup of coffee may cost 20 dollars or euros and the luxurious cars are parked by the restaurants. Walking along the street you can meet Dima Bilan (ex- Eurovision winner) or our famous president Dmitriy Medvedev. It is very beautiful and big city which has a lot of history but many Russians say that Moscow is not Russia, it is another country.

  2. So Russia is a very big and different inside and we hope our presentation helped you to discover it! Thank you for your attention!

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