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Текст контрольной работы по теме 6 учебника Spotlight- 8

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Test. Module 6. Form 8.


Listen to the speakers and choose the correct answer for each question.

1. Listen to a woman talking about choosing a holiday. What advice does she give?

A plan ahead

В choose something suitable for you

С visit many museums and landmarks

2. Listen to a man describing a business trip. How did he feel when he reached the hotel?

A Relieved.

В Annoyed.

С Frustrated.

3. Listen to a man talking about his trip to Paris What was he surprised with?

A The prices of things.

В The friendly people.

С The quality of food.

4. Listen to a man talking about taking pictures. Which of the following is true?

A He doesn't take pictures of landmarks.

В Не prefers taking pictures of unusual things.

С Не only takes pictures of people.

5. Listen to a girl talking about an exchange programme. How was her experience?

A Strange В Exciting С Boring


1. Read the text. Match the titles to the paragraphs A-E. One title is extra.

Five Ways to Find a Unique Travel Destination




Any country and area hides unknown tourist attractions. The more difficult it will be to get there, the more interesting and different your experience will be. So here are five ways you can try to find an unusual journey.

A One thing you can always try is to find a world map or globe and choose a random point without looking at it. This is extremely fun and can give some of the best results, since you can end up with totally unique results. So what if you point to Alaska or Tibet? These make perfect destinations. If you already visited that place, just start over. The idea is to go the first place you choose that is totally new, not look for the most convenient destination.

В Another trick is to buy the "1.000 Places you must see before you die" book or something similar and open at a random page. These books have the most beautiful and attractive places on earth, so your satisfaction will be guaranteed. You can get a copy from almost every library or just borrow one. It seems to be one of the most beautiful books in the world, so you can start adding up new places every holiday.

С Something else you can try is to search online for the most unusual events or festivals around the world. Find one that happens when you can travel and choose to go there. Meeting new traditions and cultures can be the most rewarding activity. From enjoying the most unusual African rhythms, to watching the Indians bathe in the Ganges, unique experiences are always available, you just have to search.

D A totally unique way to travel and see new places is to go in a voluntary camp. People all over the world need your help for many things. This is a way to combine two things: helping others and helping yourself to see and experiment new feelings. From helping endangered species of animals in the jungle to supporting some kind of events, you can both travel and cut from your expenses.

E Something you can try if you really do not want to make any efforts is to go to a travel agent and ask him to pick a destination that is most unusual and arrange for your trip. This is usually not as original and unique as the other methods, but it can give you some nice destinations you have never seen before. The advantage is that you do not put so much work and it works well if you do not have so much time available.

So these were just some easy and crazy ideas about how you could get a special travel destination that will give you some unique experiences and exciting journeys. The road is endless!

III. Grammar and vocabulary

Fill in the missing word. There are words you do not need to use.

native • set aside • local cuisine • unique • majestic • snaps • symbols

landmarks • guided tour • lift • book • set off

1. You should really ..................... a hotel room now; July is a very busy month, and if you leave it too late you won't find the dates you want.

2. Whenever I travel abroad, I always visit the most popular museums and taste the…………… .

3. We had a(n) ..................... view of the ocean from our hotel room.

4. Backpacking through Europe after graduation was a(n).....................experience for me

and my friends.

5. Did you know that the.....................people of Australia are called Aborigines?

6.Can you please give me a(n).....................to the airport tomorrow morning? I'd rather not take a taxi.

7. If you're planning on seeing everything in such a short time, I would suggest taking a(n)……………They cover a lot of sights in little time.

8. I was cleaning out my room and found some old ....................from our childhood holidays.

9. We should.....................on our trip before sunrise tomorrow, if we want to reach our destination by noon.

10. The Clock Tower, more commonly known as Big Ben, is one of the most famous.............in London.

Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech using the introductory verb in brackets.

1. «Excuse me, what time does the next bus leave?" the woman said, (ask)

2. "Call me from your hotel as soon as you arrive," Mum said to me. (tell)

3. "How old is the Taj Mahal?" a tourist wanted to know, (ask)

4. «We will go to the club tomorrow», Mary said, (say)

5. «I was happy», he said, (say) .

6. Excuse me, what time does the next train leave?" the man said, (ask)

7. "Send me a nice postcard from Paris," Carl said to Jenny, (tell)

8. «I am so happy», she said, (say)

9. "Do not forget to renew your passport," Suzie said to Tommy, (tell)

10. «I will come tomorrow», Jane said, (say)

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