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Текст "My family" с заданиями для 6 класса


My Family

I am Hafizov Artem. Artem is my name and Hafizov is my surname. I am seventeen years old. I want to tell you a few words about my family. My family is not large. I have got mother, father and grandmother. We spend much time together, go for a walk in the woods, visit theaters, museums, go to the cinema.

My mother is a teacher of biology. She likes her profession. She is a good-looking woman with brown hair. She is 47 but she looks much younger.

My father is computer-programmer. He is forty-eight. My father often sings and when we are at home and have some free time I play the guitar and we sing together. When he was small he liked to take everything to pieces. My grandmother told me a story that one day my father tried to repair their kitchen clock but without success. They had to give it to a repairman. But it happened a long time ago. Now he can fix almost everything.

My grandmother is a pensioner. She lives with us and helps to run the house. She is fond of knitting.

I want to become a student. I’d like to learn foreign languages. I always try to be in a good mood. I have my duties about the house. I must go shopping, clean the rooms. It's not difficult for me. I like our home to be clean and tidy. I think home is the nicest place.

1)Answer the questions:

a) Does Artem want to tell a few words about his family or not?

b)How many relatives does Artem have?

c)How do they spend time together?

d)Who told the story about Artem`s father? Tell this story, please.

e)What do you learn about Artem`s grandmother?

2)Have you got any duties at home?Say…

a) what you like doing around the house; b) what types of housework you don`t like;

c) what you often (sometimes, never) do.

3)Match the words and the phrases.

1. grandparents a)the brother of your mother or father

2. aunt b)the sister of your mother or father

3. uncle c)the son of your brother or sister

4. cousin d)a grandson and a granddaughter

5. nephew e)the daughter of your brother or sister

6. niece g)a grandmother and a grandfather

7. grandchildren h)the child of your uncle or aunt

4) Write the questions in the interview with a pop star.

1. A) ……….

B) I usually get up at seven o’clock

2. A)………

  B) I always have an apple for breakfast

3. A) ………

  B) No, I don’t. I never drink coffee

4. A)……..

B) Well, now I'm drinking water. It’s very good for you

5) Choose the correct preposition.

1. I stayed in England from/ for/ till three days. 4. I took a lot off/ away/ of beautiful pictures during my holidays.

2. I stayed at/ in/ with my friends family. 5.Pavel told us out/ with/ about his summer holidays.

3. London is very different from/ of/ besides Kazan. 6.Diana like to learn funny poems on/ besides/ by heart.

6) Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Future Simple.

1. She … milk now. (drink) 5. I …..with my friend at the moment. (to chat)

2. He … at the airport tomorrow. (arrive) 6. Look! The boys…..home. (to come)

3.We never……TV in the morning. (to watch) 7. My mother…….breakfast now. (to make)

4. Listen! Sandy…..in the bathroom. (to sing) 8. Every day his grandfather..…for a walk. (to go)

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