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Текст по английскому языку для контроля сформированности умений чтения

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Упражнение по английскому языку для контроля сформированности умений чтения

Read the article about the history of coffee drinking and write down the correct answers a, b, c or d.

Time for coffee

The story of coffee drinking is one of the greatest and most fascinating in

history. Millions of coffee drinkers worldwide cannot imagine life without a cup of

aromatic coffee in the morning. Coffee is a natural stimulant which makes us feel

more awake, alert and ready to concentrate.

The qualities of mocca, as coffee was once known, were first discovered in

Ethiopia more than one thousand years ago. However, it was not Africans but Turks and Arabs who actively encouraged coffee drinking. The habit of coffee drinking quickly spread throughout the Arab world, where coffee won a reputation as the wine of Islam.

Coffee was first grown in Yemen. It was popular with Turks who served the

drink to visiting Italian merchants. In 1615 traders from Venice brought coffee to

Europe, where it was originally sold as a medicine. By the end of the sixteenth

century coffee was drunk in major European cities from Paris to London. Now,

around the world there are different methods of preparing coffee, for example, in

Turkey coffee is traditionally boiled three times while Italians are the inventors of

espresso and cappuccino.

We drink coffee because of its aroma, taste and stimulating effect. However,

extensive consumption of coffee may be harmful to our health, for instance, it may

increase one’s blood pressure or make one’s heart beat irregularly. Fortunately, new brands of coffee have been appearing on the market recently. As they do not contain substances harmful to health, many people will not have to give up their coffee drinking habits.

  1. Coffee was discovered

  1. in Europe b) in Africa c) in Asia d) in America

  1. Coffee drinking was popularized by

  1. The Ethiopians b) the Italians c) the Turks d) the Africans

  1. Coffee was first grown

  1. In Italy b) in Turkey c) in Yemen d) in Brazil

  1. In Europe, coffee was popular as

  1. A medicine b) the wine of Islam c) a natural stimulant d) tasty stimulant

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