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Текст по английскому языку на тему "In the restaurant" ( 8 класс)

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Sometimes a rare day gives out at the beginning of autumn. It looks like made of light blue glass and painted with gold. The far is clear blue, the straight and thin birches stay on the hill like white candles. On a such warm day Mr. Forrester spent his time in the restaurant. It was the most expensive restaurant in London and he had never been there before. Mr. Forrester was a shy man with freckles. He always wore spectacles and nobody could see his eyes. There were seven people in the restaurant. There was an old gentleman with his wife, three young men and a golden – haired lady with the beautiful eyes. They were very beautiful, blue, the colour of the sky. C:\Users\Art Studio 66\Desktop\3526128-silhouette-of-the-couple-in-the-cafe.jpg

Mr. Forrester took out the newspaper and began to read. Skipping his breakfast paper, he read about the weather in London, about the Fashion Week in Paris. Mr. Forrester was not interested in fashion…… Suddenly he saw the golden-haired lady’s eyes. There was a smile in her eyes. Mr. Forrester read about the Fashion Week in Paris for the second time. Suddenly he heard: “Oh, Mr. Forrester ! How do you do? I am a great fan of your talent! ” C:\Users\Art Studio 66\Desktop\depositphotos_44319589-Silhouettes-of-loving-couple.jpg

He looked up. The fairy with the blue eyes stayed not far from him. “

Take a seat,” – said the man politely.

Anything, else?” asked the waiter.

Yes, could you bring me some strawberries with cream? And a glass of mineral water…..”

Fizzy or steal?” asked the waiter.

Steal, please.”

Can I pay by credit card?”

I am afraid , but we take only cash” – the waiter answered.

Oh, my dear! I have not any cash with me!!!” the lady cried.

So, she had not enough money for the bill. Mr. Forrester paid. When they left the restaurant it was raining. So, Mr. Forrester took a taxi. There was no money left for a rent. But Mr. Forrester seemed happy. He thought it was a great morning and he was right. C:\Users\Art Studio 66\Desktop\romantic-couple-silhouette-1553951.jpg

Tomorrow at 5 o’clock we will picking up our grandpa and grandma – Mr. and Mrs. Forrester !!!

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