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My native land

Every person has his or her homeplace. And he or she is confined to it. When you leave your homeland, you miss it so much and are looking forward to coming back home. People usually have sweet memories about the place where they were born. Everything seems nice and special here. My homeland is my village BolshayaOrlovka. It is a little bit of a place which is situated among the endless steppes and picturesque plantations. Here you're away from the hullabaloo, you can have a rest and have a good time.

The nature in my region is splendid all year round. In winter the village is covered with white snow. Our winters can be severe with huge snowdrifts. The white rime sparkles on the trees, and every snowflake shines in the sun. It is so nice to walk about the empty streets, hear the scrunch of the snow under your feet and enjoy the freshness of the frosty air. And you can have fun skiing, skating, playing snowballs or making a snowman.

When spring comes, the nature awakes. Buds swell, first flowers appear.  The village is beautiful both in springwhen gardens are in bloom and in summer when they are full of flowers and greenery. And when you come up the river, you can see the fields covered with yellow tulips, red poppies and blue bell-flowers. Butterflies and bugs fly about, grasshoppers jump. The air is full of freshness and the flavour of awaken plants. You just want to be there and watch that immense beauty.

In autumn the nature fades out and as if for a final time it tries to show its beauty. The leaves on the trees are purple and gold, broad-crowned oaks drop ripe acorns. The bunches of the mountain ash and snowball tree are bright red. I like to go for a walk in an autumn park when the foliage chirrs under my feet and the maple leaves fly down to the ground.

Not far from our village there is a small river Sal, we like to swim there. The water in the river is clean and warm. In spring and summer we often spend our weekends at the bank of the Sal or we just spend a few hours there to enjoy the fresh air and the sweet smell of the grass.

Our village is proud of its school with excellent teachers, clever and industrious pupils. It is always nice, clean and cosy in our school. In the school yard there are a lot of huge trees: fir-trees, birches, maples and mountain ashes. There is also a sports ground where we play and have sports events.

Near the school there is a monument to the countrymen-warriors who died in the Great Patriotic War. Every year on 9 May we have a meeting in their honour and lay flowers on the monument.

The main value of our homeland is the people that live here. They are very hardworking, many of them earn their living by ranching and crop farming. My fellow-countrymen are kind and helpful, they do their best to make the place where they live better.

There is a Cultural centre in our village. All concerts and events are held here. It is so nice to see all the villagers - from children to grown-ups - in one place.

Though my village has no great samples of architecture and  unusual buildings, I'm proud of my home place. I want it to be clean, bloomy and cosy. I will take care of it and do my best to make it better and nicer. Perhaps, when I grow up, I will live in another place but this piece of land will always be my dearest homeplace.

Rivers’length , birches’ grace

Meadows’range ,forests’ lace

My homeplace is a thing of which

The intellect cannot conceive


Cottonwoods, hight of skies

Children’s smiles, smart blue eyes

My homeplace is a source of pride

My love for you I can not hide!


My Russia, my homeplace, you’ re my life and fate

BolshayaOrlovka, you’ re my native land!

Wherever I wander, wherever Irove

Your wealth and your vastnessforever I love!



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