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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Статьи / Текст проекта "Языковое образование как важный инструмент успешной жизнедеятельности человека в многокультурном и многоязычном человеческом сообществе"

Текст проекта "Языковое образование как важный инструмент успешной жизнедеятельности человека в многокультурном и многоязычном человеческом сообществе"

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Hello, everybody. School №9 presents its project.


The aim of our project is “ “

The tasks of our project are:

As for extracurricular activities, we suggest to organize the clubs “The ABC club” and “Speaking, acting, singing”. The results of this work can be seen during English Language Week, at the parents’ meetings and concerts for classmates.

So at the finishing of primary school we are planning to have:

  1. Personal results: the formation of respectful relation to other people’s language and culture; the development of motivation to studying English; the development of self-dependence;

  2. Subject results: the formation of dialogue and monologue speech skills; the development of grammar skills; the development of project work skills.

  3. Meta-subject results: skills formation to accept and to keep the aims and tasks of studying; the formation of ability to plan and appreciate educational activity according to the task; active using of speech means for solving of the communicative tasks.

Some school technologies and courses are open to students across a wide range of methods and school activities that can be applied to our project:

  1. ICT technologies (Internet resources, tests);

  2. Project technologies (newspapers, brochures, booklets, performances, concerts);

  3. Research technologies (scientific and practical conference).

Here‘s what we suggest about extracurricular activities: (сделать схемами)

1. English clubEnglish Planet” (дети в национальных костюмах)

2. Elective courses “English 4 You”, “Whole World”, “Learn More”

3. English Language Week.

Expected results are:

Students dive into the atmosphere of active communication beyond the classroom, students acquire more knowledge in the field of History, Art and Culture of English-speaking country, we organize exciting and educational excursion, interactive classes (life situations modeling, role plays), make photo reports about events organized.

Inspirational teaching:

On this stage we use the same technologies. Learning a language is an immersive setting is the best way to make progress quickly, especially in terms of active communication. Our teachers focus on interactive teaching and students’ communication through:

  1. Activities focusing on building individual English portfolios;

  2. Giving students a chance to shine through task based activities and project work;

  3. Modern technologies in the classroom using interactive whiteboards;

  4. Extracurricular activities:

1. Linguistic Area “The Planet of Friends” suggests the deep diving into English language and getting experience of work in team and solving problems.

2. Culture Club: it suggests lectures about culture, traditions of English-speaking countries and master-classes aiming to improve the communication skills and listening comprehension.

3. Additional paid courses “The world in your classroom” opens doors to your career, lays the foundation for your future success, suggests dynamic teaching and personal attention

4. School Exchange Program suggests intensive English-speaking courses and a good opportunity to get acquainted with foreign teachers, application system and studying at foreign universities.

In order our project comes true we would like to have a modern language laboratory with good furniture, modern computers and an interactive whiteboard.

To us, it’s not a direction. It’s a way of life. It’s about being the first. The only. The best. It’s about reaching higher, looking deeper, thinking bigger. Because there’s nothing to gain from dreaming small.

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