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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Текст промежуточной контрольной работы (по итогам первого полугодия) к учебнику "Английский в фокусе", 6 класс. Вариант 2

Текст промежуточной контрольной работы (по итогам первого полугодия) к учебнику "Английский в фокусе", 6 класс. Вариант 2

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Mid Test. Form 6. Variant 2.

УМК «Spotlight»

1. Listen to two friends talking on the telephone and circle True or False.

1 Cathy is making noise.

True False

2 It's her brother's birthday party.

True False

3 The party is brilliant

True False

4 Cathy's brother is dancing

True False

5 James wants a hamburger

True False

2. Match the titles to the book reviews. One title is extra

A. Happy New Year D. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

B. The Twelve Days of Winter E. Sophia's Dream

C. Mouse's First Snow

1. The son tries many new things when he and his father go out to play in the snow. One morning Little Mouse wakes up to see a winter wonder - snow! Poppa Mouse goes out with Little Mouse to enjoy this new playground together. They skate and make snow mouse angels. Finally they build a special surprise. First Poppa Mouse does each thing himself, and then Little Mouse learns how to do it.

2. It is a book about a "thoughtful girl" and her relationship with the moon. The story is written in a melodic rhyme. The moon explains to the very worried girl that "his closest relative", Mother Earth, is in trouble. But there are things she and her friends can do to help make Mother Earth happy again. It is a very good tale for adults and children.

3. The book describes the origins of New Year traditions. It describes the ways in which people celebrate the coming of the New Year around the world. Look at the history and modern cus-toms behind the New Year holiday. Readers will learn why children in Nigeria stay in their houses until the old year is over, why Romans throw old crockery out their windows, and how the holiday is celebrated in Times Square in New York City.

4. The book is a counting rhyme in which a child lists items of winter given to him by his teacher. The book presents many winter-related gifts and activities. The list of wintertime activities is fun and familiar to young students at the same time. Kids and their reading parents will sing the melody of the traditional Christmas carol with pleasure.

3. Choose the correct item

1 She is going to the.......to buy a teddy bear.

A toy shop В sports shop С post office

2 Is that.......new house?

A there В theirs С their

3 My sister ....... read; he's only two.

A isn't В hasn't С can't

4 There are.......books on the table.

A any В some С an

5 I.......take the bus to work; I walk.

A don't В does С doesn't

6 We watch the news every night. We .......miss it.

A always В never С sometimes

7 I'll.......dinner while you're at the shops.

A makes В make С do

8 Mum will.......a special dish for my birthday.

A do В has С make

9 "What's the date today?" "I think it's........"

A 5th June В Tuesday С 2015

10 She.......the washing up now.

A is doing В do С does

11 Pedro is from Paris; he is........

A French В France С Francian

12 "Is the film good?" ".......special."

A Something В Anything С Nothing

13 Why don't you meet.......4 o'clock?

A on В at С in

14 "What time is it?" "It's half.......three."

A to В thirty С past

15 ".......do you like my new jeans?" "They are lovely!"

A When В How С Why

16 There's a bank.......to the supermarket.

A opposite В next С behind

17 Why aren't there.......chairs in the kitchen?

А а В some С any

18 "What's your.......?" "12, White Street."

A date В birthday С address

19 .......the afternoon, I go to school.

A At В In С On

20 My favourite.......is on TV tonight.

A film В science С fiction

A A dozen white roses.

B No, not really.

С It's brilliant.

D Yes, please. I have it ready.

E They're horrible.

F Yes, we are.

4. Match the questions to the responses.

1. Are you having fun?

2. What do you think of the party?

3. Are you doing anything at the moment?

4. What do you have in mind?

5. What are the sandwiches like?

6. Would you like to include a card?

5. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences

1. is/wearing/what/she?

2. is/ drums/not/Cynthia/today/playing/the.

3. watching/not/Susan/is/a/film.

4. the /eating/ are/why/not/sandwiches/they?

5. you/enjoying/your/holiday/are?

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