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Текст с проверочным заданием к нему тема "My college TLT"

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My college

My name is Alexander. I’m sixteen years old. I live in Tyumen city, Russia. I have recently graduated from my school and entered the Tyumen state Forestry College. It is one of the best colleges in the city. I really like this college and some of my close friends have also applied to study here. My parents have always wanted me to be a lawyer, but I have made up my mind to become a technician or an electrician.

I am delighted to study such subjects as Technical mechanics, Physics, English, Math analyses, Russian language and literature, Physical Education and else. Our college is rather well equipped. There is a large sports ground outside and one gym inside. There is also a huge library with a good choice of technical books. Actually, this college is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city and in Russia.

From my point of view our college is modern and well-designed.

On the ground floor there are the classrooms for the first-year students, workshops and a library. There are all kinds of tools and machines in the workshops. In the library the librarian help students to find the books they need. In the reading room there are laptops which we can use during the breaks and after classes.

Our canteen is spacious, light and clean. We have our meals there.

The physical training lessons take place in the gymnasium and the swimming pool. We like to go there even after the lessons. To the left of the gym there is a hall and a staircase. The staircase leads to the first floor.

The classrooms are well-equipped. Each room has a teacher's table, students' desks, a board, a computer and a multimedia projection unit. There are special classrooms for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, English and Russian. My English classroom is on the fourth floor. It has three big windows. There are lots of potted plants on the window sills, and we take good care of them. The board in our classroom is magnetic. We write with markers on it and attach our projects to it with magnets. Next to the board there are maps of Russia and Great Britain, various grammar tables and charts. There is a computer in the right-hand corner. We often listen to original English texts, songs and watch films on a big screen which make our lessons interesting.

I like my college. It provides us with everything to help us become good specialists.

Are these statements true or false? Correct the false ones.

1. Alexander studies in Moscow.

2. There is an indoor swimming pool in his college.

3. The library is equipped with laptops.

4. All the classrooms are on the first floor.

5. The classrooms are the same.

6. After classes the students rush home.

7. The students like their English classes.

8. At the English lessons they watch films, listen to texts and present their projects.

9. They don't use chalk in their English classroom.

10. Alexander is proud of his college

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