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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тексты (An Informal Invitation.And Post .)для чтения с упражнениями.
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Тексты (An Informal Invitation.And Post .)для чтения с упражнениями.


An Informal Invitation

Dear Bob,

I'm just writing to let you know our new address and to invite you to our house-warming party next Saturday. I'm sorry about the lack of warning, but we've been busy moving house and I have little time for anything else. In any case we only decided to hold the party last week when we found out that the cost of moving was not as high as we had reckoned and that we had a little cash to


We moved in here two days ago and we've been working non-stop ever since ... This evening we decided to have a few hours rest so I'm writing a few invitations to some friends.

You can do the trip from Oxford to Portsmouth in two hours now the motorway is open. Harpole is rather difficult to find though, because it's new housing estate and few people know where it Is. Gibe us a ring when you are in the area and I'll give detailed directions to you. then, our number is 7453.

Barbara and ! hope you can make it in spite of the short notice.

Ail the best Charles


. The good thing about post offices in Britain that you can buy stamps there. The bad thing is that it is impossible to buy stamps except at a post office. Perhaps, since this is the case, it is fortunate that post offices exist.

Letters sent to places in Britain can go either first or second class. First class is quicker but more expensive. First class letters are supposed to be delivered the next working day after collection. This actually happens in about 94% of cases. The record for late delivery is held by a postcard posted in 1943 which arrived at its destination (20 miles away) in 1975. This is not typical.

Letters and postcards to Europe are always sent by airmail, but if you send a letter to a destination outside Europe it is best to use special airmail envelope, or even better an airmail letter form, which you can buy from the post office and which already has a stamp on.

Important letters and documents can be sent by registered post to places in Britain and overseas. This is quite expensive, but a cheaper way of making sure that important letters have arrived safely in Britain is to send them by recorded delivery. The postman has to get the signature of the person to whom the letter is addressed as a proof that it has been delivered.

Parcels can be sent from the post office very easily. Like letters, the more they weigh, the more they cost to send. If you want to send a parcel or a packet abroad you must get a special green Customs form on which you declare the contents and stick this on the packet.

Lexical practice.

Give the opposite of the following words

fortunate - ... arrive -

expensive- - easily -

safely- .- send -

typical - special -

important- - contents -,

buy- cheap -

What do we call the following?

smth that is given in favour of one's ideas;
places that are situated far across the sea;
the place that a person wishes to reach;
a letter which is posted at a post office with a special mark on it;

a special service given by the post to people sending important documents:
the process of taking all letters to be sent;
a persistent process of doing;
the main road.

Fill in missed prepositions or prepositives If necessary.
1) Letters ... Paris were sent yesterday.
2) Documents are ... be sent ... registered post.

3) He has to get a signature ... the person ... whom the letter is addressed.
4) You can buy them ... the post office.

  1. It has already a stamp ... .

  2. The more they weigh ... the more they cost to send.
    7) Get a special form ... which you declare the contents.

  1. Stick it ... the packet.

  2. It finally arrived at its destination of 10 miles ... .
    10) This parcel will go ... first class.

Structural Practice

MaKe use of the following prompts. Try to find causative relations

between two phrases,

a) Model: Perhaps, since this is the case, it's fortunate that post offices exist.
the packet is heavy to go as a parcel

the document is important to be sent by recorded delivery

stamps can only be bought at a post to go to the nearest post office


this parcel should be sent abroad to declare the contents

this letter is sent by recorded delivery to get the signature of an address .

b) Model: The good thing about post office is that ...

The bad thing-is that ...

  1. The good (bad) thing about sending letters by airmail is that ...

  2. The good (bad) thing about sending letters by recorded delivery is that ...

  3. The good (bad) thing about using a special airmail envelope is that ...

  4. The good (bad) thing about sending letters by registered post is that ...

  5. The good (bad) thing about late delivery is that

  6. The good (bad) thing about second class letters is that ...

  7. The good (bad) thing about parcels is that ...

Pair Work

I. Student A You want to buy some things at the post office ( six 10p stamps,

ten 12p stamps, 4 airmail letter forms, a postal order).
First ask
how much everything costs, and then for an additional

Student B You are a post clerk (airmail letters cost 14, or 14,5p (for a large form).

\\.Student A You want to send 4,50 pounds to a friend in Scotland. Student B You are a post clerk, answer your customers questions (to send money you pay the amount you want to send, plus 10p. The person who receives the postal order takes it to a post office to cash it.)

III. Student A You are going to the post office and you ask your friend if he

wants any stamps, airmail letters forms or postal orders. Make

the list of ail the things you want to buy.
Student B You don't feel like going to the post office and ask your friend to buy you a postal order at 10 pounds: two 10p stamps and three

airmail letter forms at 14p.

Translation Practice

1.Когда вы получаете заказную корреспонденцию, вы должны поставить подпись в сопроводительной форме.

2.Если вы посылаете письмо первым классом, то это значит, что оно будет доставлено на следующий день после доставки на почту.

3.Раз вы хотите, чтобы ваше письмо дошло к завтрашнему вечеру, вам лучше отправить его первым классом.

4.Ваши документы следует отослать заказным письмом, так вы не будете волноваться и будете уверены, что их получат.

5.Почтальон, который доставляет письмо по адресу должен отдать его лично адресату и попросить его расписаться за доставку.

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