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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Тексты для чтения о родном городе. Английский язык. 3, 7 класс.
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  • Иностранные языки

Тексты для чтения о родном городе. Английский язык. 3, 7 класс.


Тексты для чтения на английском языке

для учащихся 3 и 7 классов

(подготовила – Писанец Н.Г., учитель английского языка МОУ «Школа №3 города Докучаевска)

hello_html_49748b0d.jpgI live in Dokuchayevsk, a small town not far from Donetsk. Our town is very green and beautiful. There are many interesting places in our town where you can have a good time. The best one is - our zoo. hello_html_m6b3531f6.jpg

There you can see lots of animals: foxes and wolves, monkeys and crocodiles, ostriches and llamas. There is a Swan lake in the centre of the park. Lots of multi-coloured ducks, white and black swans, turtles and fish live in the lake. People like to feed them and take photos of them.


Children like to play near the wooden statues.


Every weekend I go to the zoo with my parents or friends. Most of all I like to go on a train. It’s a real fun!


Come to our town and you will like it!!!

Every year on the 9th of May people bring lots of flowers to the monument which is situated in the centre of Dokuchayevsk (a town in Donetsk People’s Republik). In such a way people want to honour their townsman– the Hero of the Soviet Union – Petr Yakovlevich Likholetov.
During the Great Patriotic War he was one of the best pilots who took part in 78 air battles and personally
took out19 fascist aircrafts. His friends said that he was a real master of high pilotage and proved his surname which means “the one who flies famously”. He had a sense of his plane, the air, the flight. In spring of 1942 his plane was already decorated with 10 stars as he had repelled the attack of 40 fascist bombers.
The most difficult air battle he had at the end of March 1942 when a group of “Messers” took out his partners. Though he managed to take out two “Me-109” and land his plane safely, the battle was worth “ three years of the life” (as he told to his commander). After that battle his bravery an courage were replaced by prudence and caution.
Later he took part in a great number of other battles and got lots of brilliant victories.For all he had done he was given the name of a Hero of the Soviet Union and awarded the Orders of Lenin (1944), the Red Banner (1942), the Great Patriotic War (1943), the Red Star (1942) and the medal “For the defense of Leningrad. In June of 1944 he was severely wounded and a year later he died. He was buried in Leningrad on the Memorial cemetry “Sosnovka”.
Being a legendary air fighter, Petr Yakovlevich had a wonderful hobby – he loved drawing and spent every spare minute with a pencil and a piece of paper. He loved the nature of his native land, the people, the towns and the cities – everything he called his Motherland. Who knows, may be he could become a great painter… But he chose the honourable duty of defending the land we now live on.
That’s why the greatful people of Dokuchayesk named a street after their famous townsman and bring lots of flowers to his monument.


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