Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыТексты на аудирование в VI классе

Тексты на аудирование в VI классе

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Тексты для аудирования

1.     A Dog and a Piece of Meat


A dog walked along a road over a field. He carried a big piece of meat in his teeth.

He wanted to eat it in the field, far from other dogs. Soon the dog came to a small river running through the field. There was a bridge. The dog walked on the bridge, stopped there for some time and looked into the water. He saw another dog in the water. The other dog had a big piece of meat in his teeth too. “I think I must take that piece of meat away from the other dog,” said the dog to himself.

With these words the dog jumped into the water, but he did not see the other dog. When he got out of the river he had no meat in his teeth.

“Where is the other dog?” he asked himself. “Where is his big piece of meat? Where is my piece of meat?”

There were no answers to his questions and the dog’s meat was nowhere to be seen.


2.     The Lion and the Mouse

One afternoon a lion went to sleep in the forest and did not hear what was happening around him. Soon a little mouse ran up his back and sat there. The lion woke up and looked at the mouse. Then he said, “I shall kill you for walking me up!”

When the mouse heard these words he said, “Please, please do not kill me. One day I may help you.”

“What?” said the lion. “How can you, a little mouse, help me, the great lion?” He began to laugh. He laughed and laughed. Then he said, “All right, mouse, run away. I am not going to kill you. Will you help me? Ha! Ha! Ha!”

One day some people placed a large net in the forest. When the little mouse came to that place he saw the lion in the net. “I can not get out of the net,” said the lion. “Can you help me, little mouse?” Who can help me, please?

“Oh, just a minute,” the mouse said to the lion. “I shall help you. Do you think I cannot help you? Oh, you are wrong. Let’s see what I can do.”

The mouse worked very quickly with his teeth and soon the lion stood up. “Well,” said the mouse. “You laughed at me. Now you see that a little mouse can help a great lion.”

The lion did not answer. The he said, “Thank you, little mouse” and went away into the forest.  


3.     The Farmer and the Boy

One morning a farmer met a boy and asked him: “Do you want a job, my boy?”

“Yes, I do,” said the boy.

“Have you got a good character?” asked the farmer.

“Yes, I have a good character,” said the boy. “It is from Mr. Muggs, the shopkeeper. My last job was with him.”

“Good,” said the farmer, “go and ask Mr. Muggs to come here and speak to me.”

Five minutes, ten minutes passed. Mr. Muggs did not come.

Later in the afternoon the farmer saw the boy in the street. “Mr. Muggs did not come to me with your character,” said the farmer.

“No,” answered the boy. “I did not ask him to come.”

“Why not?” asked the farmer.

“Well, I told him who wanted it,” said the boy.

“And what did he say?” asked the farmer.

“Well, he told me your character,” said the boy.


4.     The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (A Story from Aesop)

A country mouse lived in the field. A mouse from the town came to see the country mouse. The country mouse gave the town mouse dinner, but the town mouse did not like his dinner.

“My friend,” he said, “in town we have much nicer food than this. You must come and see where I live. I shall give you all kinds of good things to eat.”

The town mouse and the country mouse went to town. When they came to a big house the town mouse said, “I live here. Come and see my house.”

They went into a big room. There was a long table in it. “You can eat anything you like,” said the town mouse.

On the table the country mouse saw plates of bread and butter. There was a large cake in the middle of the table and a lot of other tasty things.

“We must eat it quickly,” said the town mouse.

“There is a cat here.”

“No, thank you,” said the country mouse. “I am going home. This house is not for me. My house is small, and my food is not very good, but I am happy in the field with all my family and no cat who can eat me.”


5.     A plate of soup


When we have dinner, we eat soup, bread, meat, fish, vegetables and other things. We finish our dinner with some fruit.

Now listen how a man wanted to eat a plate of soup.

A man asked for a plate of soup at a country inn. When the waiter brought the soup, the man looked at it and said, “Waiter, I can’t eat this soup.”

The waiter took the plate away and brought another plate of soup.

“I think you’ll like it,” said he.

“I can’t eat this soup,” repeated the man.

“Why?” asked the waiter. “This soup is very good. Why can’t you eat it?”

“Well,” said the man, “because I have no spoon.”


6.     Kolya Makes a Report

All Soviet people take part in the November Holiday demonstration. Before that great day comes, there are meetings and holiday concerts at factories, in offices, on collective farms, state farms and in schools.

This year the Young Pioneer organization asked Kolya Fyodorov to make a report in his class about the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Kolya was glad, but he didn’t know how to begin-it was his first report. Then he said, “I’ll try to do something myself and then our Pioneer leader or class teacher may help me.” He went to school library and read a lot of literature there. He also wrote down some interesting facts to make his report better.

On the 5th of November the class came to the holiday meeting. Just before it began, a classmate came up to Kolya and asked, “Are you going to tell us something new?”

“I don’t know,” answered Kolya, “but it was difficult to prepare an interesting report.”

The class listened to every word Kolya said. When he finished all pupils began to applaud. Then another classmate came up to him and asked, “Was it very difficult?” “Oh, no!” answered Kolya.

7.     A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Mike and Nick were schoolboys. They lived in the country. The boys went to school together and they liked to play and do other things together.

One day Mike came to Nick’s house and said, “Nick, you have so many good books. I see there is an interesting book in your library which I haven’t read. Can you give me this book to read? I’ll bring it back next week.”

Nick did not want to give books to other people, and he said, “Why do you want to take book home? You can read it here, in my house. I want you to come again and read here.”

Mike saw what kind of a friend he had, but he did not say anything. He wanted to teach him a lesson.

The next week Nick came to Mike and said, “Mike, you have a good garden knife. I want to work in my garden tomorrow. Can you give it to me for two days?”

Mike answered, “Why do you want to take my garden knife home? You can work with it in my garden.”

8.     An address Without a Letter

Before 1840 there were no stamps. In those days people usually paid a lot of money for a letter when they received it. That is why people who were poor did not write to one another often. But when they sent or received a letter, it was a very important thing for them and many people knew about it.

There is a story from that time about a letter to poor woman. One day the postman came to her house to bring her a letter. He told the woman to pay a lot of money, which she did not have. She looked at the letter, and gave it back to the postman. “I can not pay for it,” she said.

Just at that moment a man heard the conversation between the postman and the woman. He came up to the woman and said, “Let me pay for the letter. I have money and I want to help you.”

Then he gave the postman the money he wanted to get from the woman. “I thank you very much,” said the woman, “but you must not pay for the letter. It is from my brother. He sends me one letter every three months. He does not write about himself and his family, he writes only my address on the letter. Then I know that he is well, and as I cannot pay for the letter, I give it back to the postman.”

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