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Тема для говорения " Tolerance "

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It seems that people of different nationalities will never understand each other. However, others believe that countries can work together to improve tolerance.

Today we live in the world of racial, cultural and ethnic diversity. People differ in appearance, colour of skin, way of thinking, customs and behaviour. Every race has its own culture and its own beliefs. That is why there is often some misunderstanding between people of different nationalities. So the question arises if anything can be done in order to improve tolerance.

To my mind, governments can do much to improve tolerance. Some international conferences and meetings can be organized in order to discuss the most vital problems of people of different nationalities and to exchange experience. I think it is very important to work out educational programs for universities, colleges, schools and even kindergartens. We must teach children, teenagers and young people to be patient, respectful and tolerant. And of course we mustnlt for­get that family upbringing is of great importance for any child, that’s why countries should think about special educational programs for parents.

However, many people say that some misunderstanding between people of different nationalities will always exist. Watching the latest news on TV we can always learn about military conflicts and racial strives. People are accustomed to cruelty and their behaviour becomes aggressive and uncontrollable. And if they feel angry and depressed, they want to find somebody to blame for their troubles. So they blame people of other nationalities. But I think that in spite of all this, we must co-exist peacefully.

To sum up, if there is tolerance among people, we shall live in harmony. But it will be possible only if we plunge into the culture, religion, traditions and language of other nations.

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