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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Тема дружбы 11 класс урок по английскому языку


План - конспект урока в 11 классе по теме « Мой круг друзей»

Ход урока:

  1. Организационная часть.


My dear boys and girls! I’m not going to tell you what we shall do in our lesson. I would like you to guess and name its topic. I hope it won’t be a very difficult task because I know you are clever and quick-witted pupils. Are you ready to start? Listen to me.

Friendship is a thing for two

Three or four, even more,

Like a song that made to sing

Friendship is a doing thing

A friend is a person, who shares,

A friend is a person, who cares.

He tries to understand

And gives a helping hand

II Мотивация учебной деятельности.

Цель: Well, who has already guessed what our lesson about? –Pupil’s answer.

Yes, today is the day that we speak about friends and friendship. The motto of our lesson you can see on the slide. We have to prove:

1). What does an ideal friend look like?

2). How important to have a true friend.

III Основная часть.

1.Практика чтения. Reading.

  1. I’m sure that all of you have friends. Maybe they are your classmates, or your neighbours…

First of all let’s read these quotations and translate them into Russian. Which of them make the most sense to you? Which don’t?

2. Речеваяразминка. Speaking.

You have read the words of great people. Your homework for today was to find the English proverbs and Russian and Tatar equivalents to them.

(учащиеся рассказывают пословицы и поговорки)

Ex. 49 p. 137

Say me, what are your reasons for choosing someone as a friend?

Pupils: I choose someone as a friend because of his/her…

Musical preferences

Athletic abilities

Outdoor interests

Political views



Cultural background

Way of dressing

Being in the same class

IV Отработка лексических единиц.Ex.51 p.138 Look at the slide. You can see personal adjectives.

Put these adjectives on the line from the most desired to the least desired aspects you want in a friend. And now let’s translate these words into Tatar.


Well-traveled-Любящий путешествовать-сэяхэт итэргэ яратучы

Trustworthy-Преданный, верный-ышанычлы

Timid-Робкий-кыюсыз,батырчылык итми торган


Punctual-Пунктуальный-жирен эжиткереп эшли торган


Fun-loving-Любящий веселье-кунел ачарга яратучан


Artistic-Артистичный-сэхнэ чын яратылган

Athletic-Атлетический-спортнын атлетика торен эйоручекеше



Reserved-Сдержанный-узен-узе куда татучы

Ambitious-Амбициозный-уз фикерендэ кала

V Работа с лексикой по теме

  1. Аtrue friend is\must be…

The most kind-hearted, cheerful, responsible, loyal, honest, sociable, intelligent, helpful, generous, reliable.

  1. A true friend gives me a helping hand when I…

Am in trouble, am in a bad mood, am ill, don’t know what to do, have problems with my schoolwork, need advice.

  1. A true friend mustn’t…

Quarrel with me, ignore my problems, let me down, see things the same, deceive me, refuse to help me, help me at the lesson, share all secrets with me.

  1. I’d like my friend to…

Worry about me, forgive me if I do something wrong, keep my secrets, understand me, stand by me no matter what…, cheer me up, confide in me

VI Активация навыков аудирования . Listening

Ex. 55 p.138 (St.B.)

Ex. 56 p. 138 (St.B.)

VII Физкультминутка

It’ s time to have a rest. Stand up, please!

I put my hands upon my hips, I turn myself around.

I raise my hands above my head

And then I touch the ground.

My hands upon my head I place,

On my shoulders, on my face.

Then I raise them up on high

And make my fingers quickly fly

Then I put them in front of me

And gently clap:

one, two, three.

VIII Совершенствование навыков чтения. Ex.52 p.138 Read and discuss the rules. Do you agree with all the rules?

IX Совершенствование письменной речи. Writing Ex. 53 p.138

Write a “Friendship Recipe” about how to be a good friend. Include the “ingredients” of a friendship and the steps for being a good friend or making new friends.

Recipe for Friendship


  1. spoonfuls of …

  2. spoonfuls of…

  3. spoonfuls of…

  4. Mix all these ingredients together to make friends forever, take twice a day.

X Практика монологического высказывания Учитель: One pupil of our class wrote about his friend. Read the letter and say…


I have a friend who I can have great fun with. When I’m in trouble he is always there to cheer me up. He is one who I can turn to when I have problems at school or at home. He’s supportive and can keep secrets. It’s important, isn’t it? We have a lot of similar interests. Sometimes we have arguments but we make up quickly because we respect each other. We always care about each other and try to understand each other's feelings and moods.

(Учащиеся продолжают предложение “A friend is a person who (is)…”, “My friendis…” с опорой на текст.)

Учитель: -These boys are good and true friends. And what about you? Are you good friends? What can you say about your friend?

(Учащиеся описывают друг другу своих друзей, используя лексику и выражения урока. Учитель организует контроль за ходом работы в индивидуальном режиме.)

XI Динамическая пауза. There are many beautiful poems about friendship. And now, your homework was to learn English, Russian and Tatar poems about friendship.

(Учащиеся рассказывают английские, русские и татарские стихи, которые выучили наизусть)


A friend is like a flower,

A rose to be exact,

Or may be like a brand new gate

That never comes unlatched.

A friend is like an owl,

Both beautiful and wise.

Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,

Whose spirit never dies.

A friend is like a heart that goes

Strong until the end.

Where would we be in this world

If we didn’t have a friend?

XIII Тест «Определи, какой ты друг»

Учитель: -Do the test “Are you a true friend?”

  1. Do you remember your friend’s birthday?

  2. Can you keep your friend’s secrets?

  3. Do you sometimes laugh at your friend?

  4. Can you give all your pocket money to your friend if he/she asks?

5. Do you think that your friend should follow you everywhere?

Yes – 2 points No – 1 point


0-3 points: many people think you are unfriendly. You are a little bossy too. You are a person who sometimes can be not very helpful and confident

4-6 points: You are a good friend. You are a person who is confident. You can keep secrets.

XIV Заключение. Conclusion

Now it’s time to say what a true friend looks like. Your ideal friend is loyal, reliable and supportive. He’ll never betray you and always cheer you up in trouble. It is important to have only true friends because we just can’t do without them.

Read the poem and fill in the gaps with the words that rhyme.

It’ s time to have a rest. Stand up, please!

I put my hands upon my hips, I turn myself around.

I raise my hands above my head

And then I touch the ground.

My hands upon my head I place,

On my shoulders, on my face.

Then I raise them up on high

And make my fingers quickly fly

Then I put them in front of me

And gently clap:

one, two, three.

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