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Тема мероприятия: «The funny competition

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Тема мероприятия: «The funny competition».

Класс: 6

Цели и задачи: Активизация познавательного интереса к изучению английского языка.

Развитие творческих способностей и логического мышления учащихся.

Совершенствование орфографической грамотности детей.

Умение учащихся самостоятельно работать

Развитие памяти, наблюдения, внимательности.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, раздаточный материал, кроссворды, карточки, диаграммы, тексты.

Teacher: Good morning children! Sit down. I’m glad to see you again. Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What is the day and date today? Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s begin our lessen with the poem “ The School” at first listen to me.

The school”

The school has doors that open wide

And friendly teachers wait inside

Hurry, hurry, let’s go in

For soon the lesson will begin.

Books and pencils I will need,

When I start to write and read,

Lots to learn and lots to do I like to go school don’t you?

Today in our quiz we have 4 classes there are: 6 B, 6 C, 6D, 6 E. Now our teams first of all should tell us about yours teams? give your presentation.

Now we read the poem “The school”. Well, now we are at school. Look at the blackboard. you can see word “school’. What is your association about school? What do you imagine? Take your felt-tip-pen and write down on your papers. Can you write it on the blackboard?

You know the name of school on Great Britain and Kazakhstan. Every boy and girl must do to school. Is said in constitution? Every boy and girl have to choose school. You know that when children starts going to school in GB and KZ?

Next I give you cards, you should make sentences? you have 5 min. Your results ….

Next task one pupil from each team will read text? you must listen very attentively and find some mistakes. Your marks….

Yesterday I got a latter from England. She writes me a letter. Her name is Nell Smith and she is a pupil of secondary school. She writes about her school. In her letter she puts some questions. She wants to know about KZ school. Let’s listen to the tape and be ready to answer question.

Work in groups. Tell your partner what you will answer Nell Smith to her questions.

Do schools in KZ differ greatly from comprehensive schools?

Do boys and girls study together or in separate schools?

What subjects are taught at your schools?

How many subjects do you study in the eighth form?

What are your schools like?

Is it different from her school day?

I’m interesting to know can you write a letter to you pen- friend. I give you 2-3 min write down a letter. I see you can write a letter. Answer the question you know types of school. I want to check up.

Reading is to the mind, exercise is to the body”.

Try to understand the meaning and say what is it.

Education for the 21 th century. The 20 th century is over. The 21st century has just started. We are leaving in a new century. It is a time to think about future education.

Most people understand that education is to involve all children into school, but it is not only task of education reform. It is also changes, of teaching and learning. About 3000 class-rooms in our country have already been computerized. If you know English very well, you can take part in programmer.

What kind of changes in the system of education can you wait.

Computer helps you to find very quickly the necessary information.

Terrific boys and girls. Let’s talk about rules of schools. What should we always do?

Next I give you crosswords your team should find new wards.

And last task each team should tell about one country. Give your presentation, show pictures, films.





Conclusion: First place …

Second place…

Third place….

During our lesson we talk about education, about different countries, do crosswords, practice reading. What have you learned from this lesson. You write the names of schools of 2 countries. Thank you very much!

Our competition is over. Good bye!

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