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Еркужаева Шынар Жұмамұратқызы

Қазалы аграрлы – техникалық колледжінің ағылшын тілі пәні оқытушысы

The theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland

The aims: - to enrich pupili knowledge about Kazakhstan

- to teach to work creatively, to educate the respect and interest in different countries

- to develop pupil’s habits and skills in speaking, listening and reading, writing

- to brain up patriotism

Type of the lesson: Go me lesson

Method of the lesson: competition lesson

Visual aids: State symbols, map of the Kazakhstan, crosswords. Pictures of the writers, alcyns etc.

The procedure of the lesson

І. Organization moment

Good afternoon / morning, children. I’m glad to

See you

I hope you will be active today

Well, let’s check the class atmosphere

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What date is it today? What day is it today?

What season is it now?

Do you like it 9

Thank’s sit down please

ІІ. Checking the home task.

Leveled task

England Russia Kazakhstan

Water Environment Pollution

Су Қоршаған орта Ластанған

P1 Many worderful things to hear, to see

Belong to you, belong to me!

The sun and the tree, the grass and sky

The yellow moon that’s passing by

P2 The blowing winds thebirds that sing

Bright autumn woods, gay flowers of spring

The cols long winter snow so white

The running river the stars of the night

P3 Let’s save the nature, let’s save the sky

Let’s think about our future life

ІІІ. New materials.

Work with map

А) Kazakhstan is on of the bigsest countries

The land sape of our country is very beautiful

Kazakhstan is situated in the central Asia.

It borders China, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrguzstan.

The area of Kazakhstan is 2.753.000 square km

Its population is about 16 millions

Kazakh is the official language.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is an independent sovereign state. As a sovereign state

Kazakhstan has its own national anthem, traditions holidays flag, emblem Work with group.

Intro duce yourself


England Russian Kazakhstan

Let me introduce myself My name is Aknur / Guldana / Kuanysh. I’m Kazakh, /Russian/ British. I’m from Kazakhstan/ England /Russian/

    1. question-answer

T activity Children’s activity

- So. Where is the Republic - Kazakhstan is situated

of Kazakhstan situated? in the Central Asia Kazakhstan

- What is the size of Kazakhstan? -The size of Kazakhstan is

2753000s sguare km

- What can you say about the - It’s population Russian is

population of our contry? about 16 millions

- What are the symbols of the state? - The symbols of the state

Kazakhstan has its owhnational flag,

emblem and the national, fraditione,


- When did Kazakhstan become - Kazakhstan did become an Indepe ndent

An independent state state ih the 16th of december, in 1991

- What is represented on the state flag - On the state flag is represented eagle,

sun and national ornament

England Russia Kazakhstan

  1. Speaking about the England flag on the state Russia emblem Kazakhstan

flag emblem anthem flag is represented cable, on the state emblem anthem on the

sun national ornament the is represented the star state of them

coloured is blue and yellow and the shanyrak is musik and

fantastic norses with words by





  1. Interpriture England Russia Kazakhstan

Kazakh flag флаг ту

Russian map карта сұлба

British city город қала

Work with pictures. Emblem герб елтаңба

Mountain гора тау

Cloud облака бұлт

Island остров арал

Lake озеро өзен

River река теңіз

Sea море көл

Sky небо аспан

Star звезда жұлдыз

Sun солнце күн

Autumn осень күз

Meador луг жайылым

Ocean океан мұхит

  1. Game “Word” oil нефть мұнай

Complete the word for naturagas природный газ табиғи газ

example coal железа темір

BEE iron цинк цинк

hello_html_m2283b08b.gif zinc хром



copper сера күкірт

gold золото алтын

The poem: Kazakhstan

On Kazakhstan, I’m in love with you!

Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great

Not in the green fields full of wheat

And forest, gardens free of dust

I love you deeply, dear land

Your hills and rivers, lakes, and seas

Which give me always much delight


What are you knowing about our counry is Kazakhstan

1) Open your envelopes. You cau see the sentence but it is cut out put the words in to the right order.

Kazakhstan: in, the, countres, would, Kazakhstan, one, Is, bigge, the, of (Kazakhstan is one of the biggest counries in the wounties in the would)

England: Kazakhstan, situated, is, in, Asia, central, the (Kazakhstan is situated in the central Asia (thanslati))

Russia: It, china, Russia, Turkmenstan, Uzberstan, Kyzgyztan and borders. (It horders China, rebssia Turkmenstan, Uzberstan and Kyrgyzstan)











2) Crossword “Kazakhstan”

V. Hometask.

1.What kind of our languages? (Kazakh)

2. what is represented on the state flag (eagle)

3. the name of town in our country (Zhezkazgan)

4. the capital of Kazakhstan is (Astana)

5. what is represented on the state emblem (shanyrak)

6. what does the shanyrak on the emblem symbolize (home)

7. what does the sun blue colour of the flag symbolize (cleansky)

8. what was Kazakhstan before Independence (sovietRepublic )

9. What are the symbols of the state (leopard)

10. who is the head of the state? (prezident)

VI. Hometask

1. Read the text “Kazakhstan”

2. To do exerses

3. repherat ‘My cobynhe – Kazakhstan

VII. Marking.

Your mark exellen (red star)

Your mark is good

Your mark is bad (yellow star)

Now at the end of our meteting

Let’s sing asoung!

May there Always be sun shinel

Brigh blue the ski

Sun up on high

That was the little boy’s picture

He drew for you

Wrote for you too

Just to make clear what he drew

May there always be sunshine

May there always be blue shy

May there always be Mummy

May there always be me!

Thank you! The lesson is over! Good bye!

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